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Online store selling natural Slavic - Russian hair in London and throughout Great Britain

We are glad to welcome you on our site!

Keratin hot Fusion hair extensions helps to improve the appearance of hair, so the information on the sale of Slavic, natural hair in London and throughout Great Britain is of increased interest to private hairdressers, salon staff. What immediately draw the attention of a girl? On eyes, face and hair. Mascara will give eyelashes the right size, smooth curve, cosmetics will correct skin imperfections. How to be a hair, if it is rare?

We do not work with Asian curls because of the stiffness and rapid loss of a decent look. We refuse European analogues with silicone, which disappears after a couple of times to wash your hair. Do not take and South Russian due to excessive porosity and priority dark shades that can not be painted in a light color.

Natural hair: exclusive solutions for you and your customers.

Our offers – luxury strands, with guaranteed quality and constant gorgeous Shine, combed the curls of the same size, live cuticle, without weak and gray inclusions.

1. Different health: absence of dullness, split ends, uneven tone length.

2. Always soft and silky. Well withstand partial or complete staining, permanent.

3. The hairs themselves are thin, clear, dense tips are visible on the cut. Always come in handy when you do hair extensions by any method.

4. Strands, fastened with elastic bands, exclude entanglement of individual fragments, because they are stacked in accordance with the direction of the scales.

5. Natural Slavic, Russian hair retains its original quality with a variety of rebonding.

Bond hair extensions.

In contrast to the preconceived opinions of people, is skeptical about the reasonable to combine thermo procedures, such capacity does not damage the roots. It allows you to safely add strands of a similar tone or contrast, forming a semblance of highlights.

Since the work uses the acquired hair of high quality, the newly formed capsules are invisible under their own strands. For the formed hair there are no restrictions in coloring, washing, laying (except for the application of masks and balms on capsules), and the volume reuse hair extensions is done a few months after the initial procedure.

Slavic natural hair wholesale and retail.

Sale range interested in hairdressers offers clients a product which does not cause complaints. The product is suitable for increasing the density of diffuse loss of vegetation on the head. Girls will be able subsequently to wear "pony tails" to make "shell" curly hair bundles, curly wave, as well as surprise fluffiness flowing curls and a flowing cascade of thick stacks.

Company uashophair.com carries out realization of natural hair of Slavic type in London and across all Great Britain. In addition to sets of capacity keratin capsule method you can buy care products for the attached strands. Now available any hairstyle, because the hair will always look perfect!

Advantages of cooperation with the company

1. Individual work with each wholesale client and retail customer, taking into account professional advice and proper selection.

2. Proposals in the form of sections of combed, unpainted strands having the correct location of the scales. All-natural shades of hair.

3. The proposed line of products necessary to maintain hair in a healthy state.

4. Familiarization with the technology of Keratin capsules hair extensions in detail, answers to complex questions, selection of tools for the hairdresser.

5. Reasonable prices, the choice of delivery options paid order.

6. Feedback from grateful customers who performed the initial hair extensions and made the necessary correction after a few months.

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  • What's the beauty of brown and white? Brondirovanie.

    Will help you understand the beauty of brown and white Ombre. Special technology of dyeing strands create a natural glare and glow of the hair. The finale of the work is so impressive that it seems as if the curls are painted by nature itself – so finely matched transitions of shades.

  • Air Touch: technology for strong hair.

    Air and paint is AIG Touch: a technology for strong hair. Unusual development belongs to the Russian stylist, who willingly shared it with his colleagues. Hair pre-lighten or subjected to tonal coloration. The very focus of the method is different…

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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Thank. We received your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.