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Natural bundles. Tone: #14A

95 £
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Selected, high quality Slavic hair is one of the most amazing fibres in the world.

They are the most popular and approved by reviews of our customers. Slavic hair is used to create volume, density, lengthen native strands up to 80 cm, in any kind of hair extensions, which withstand the longest periods of wear.

Uashophair offers a chic palette of shades, as well as a choice of appropriate structure of strands – the hair shaft is exceptionally straight or beautifully curly. Hair is composed of cuticle in the same direction, not treated with silicone, can be easily dyed and allows formation of hairstyles of different kinds.


Colour: Ash blonde

Tone: #14A

Structure: Smooth

Hair type: Slavic

Application: For all types of hair extension

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Customer reviews
Tatyana, 18.06.2021
The hair is of excellent quality. They look natural, no different from natural hair. They are quite resistant to weather conditions. In a humid environment, do not push and do not curl. In general, I am happy!
Lorena, 12.03.2021
Best hair I've ever used. They are fixed easily, even. I got it quickly. They are pleasant to the touch, there is no doubt about their beauty. After washing, the color and size do not change. The light tone suited perfectly.
Emma, 28.11.2020
Great tone, smooth structure. Perfect hair bundles, in my opinion. By the way, Slavic hair is very popular among our clients, I use them often to create extra density, length or volume.
Anastasia, 10.08.2020

Look natural, don't count from mine. Added volume and length, soft and silky. perfectly matched with my natural floral hair (light blonde). Long is optimal, in general, I am very happy.
Яна, 25.02.2020
Я купила здесь себе волосы и очень довольна. К моим они подошли идеально и смотрятся круто, придают объём, ну и конечно длину. На ощупь они приятные, качество отличное и цена приятная.
Sveta, 02.02.2020
Hello, I 've been buying one for a long time, but I 'm happy to use it now. It looks very natural and quality is not lost over time, gives my hair extra volume and is not visible to people around me. In general I am very happy, I think I will use for a long time.
Анна, 03.10.2019
У меня светло-русые волосы, но не длинные и не густые. Купила эти волосы, идеально подошли. Вяглядят натурально, не отличить от моих. Придали объем и длину, мягкие и шелковистые. В носке не теряют вид.
Andrea, 13.09.2019
The hair extensions are top notch quality and look very natural. They hold curls and hairstyles very well, hair doesn't get frizzy in humid conditions. I had to dye them a bit to match my haircolor.
Лидия, 28.06.2019
Купила для придания волосам объема, срезы мягкие, шелковистые, идеально совпадают с моим натуральным цветом волос (светло-русый). Длина оптимальная, в общем, я очень довольна.
Eva, 17.06.2019
Amazing hair, good quality, look fabulous. I wear this hair every day and it looks very natural and feminine. I get many compliments from my colleagues and friends. Strongly recommended.
Нина, 27.05.2019
Как раз сейчас такими и пользуюсь. Знаете, очень довольна. К своему цвету подошли идеально. Качество отличное, в носке действительно достаточно долго и совсем не теряют вид. В следующий раз хочу взять такие же, только чуть подлиннее.
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