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Natural bundles. Tone: #4

95 £
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Selected, high quality Slavic hair is one of the most amazing fibres in the world.

They are the most popular and approved by reviews of our customers. Slavic hair is used to create volume, density, lengthen native strands up to 80 cm, in any kind of hair extensions, which withstand the longest periods of wear.

Uashophair offers a chic palette of shades, as well as a choice of appropriate structure of strands – the hair shaft is exceptionally straight or beautifully curly. Hair is composed of cuticle in the same direction, not treated with silicone, can be easily dyed and allows formation of hairstyles of different kinds.


Colour: Brown

Tone: #4

Structure: Smooth

Hair type: Slavic

Application: For all types of hair extension

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Customer reviews
IrinaNoch, 09.06.2021
I ordered myself two natural bundles of hair and was positively overwhelmed by the quality of the material and the colours. The order arrived very fast and I had no difficulties with shipment or payment. I definitely recommend this product to buyers, who want to receive natural hair bundles.
Lise, 07.03.2021
Hello everyone! I took it for myself, because I tried many different ones and not one did not fit (But these hairs are gorgeous! They look natural, now all my friends envy me! The color is just perfect, the same as in the photo!
was satisfied, 06.12.2020
My review is only positive. This store only sells high quality hair. You can choose both in color and length at reasonable prices. I ordered with delivery, came very quickly. Now I can create a variety of hairstyles for every day.
Marina, 14.08.2020
Hello. I want to leave a review. I liked everything. I bought it for myself, it looks very beautiful, the hair is of the best quality. Delivery is fast and high quality. I recommend it to everyone.
Ирина, 20.02.2020
Свои волосы, увы, не могут достичь нужной длины, а я люблю прически из длинных волос. Из всех моих заказов эти - самые качественные. И по цвету удалось подобрать один в один, и носились без проблем.
Bekky, 06.02.2020
Wow! Such a good price! Not expensive! In other stores, I saw the same hair is much more expensive! it's cool that you have a choice of weight, and noted what is the hair structure is smooth or wavy, painted or not. I like!
Лиза, 28.09.2019
Рада, что выбрала именно эти волосы для наращивания. Цвет ровный, действительно шоколадный, при этом выглядит очень естественно и красиво переливается на свету. Носила их без дополнительного окрашивания, осталась довольна!
Viktoriy, 21.09.2019
I came across this product yesterday. This Slavic hair is popular and of very high quality. It can be used for hair extensions. This product has a beautiful color and length depends on the price. Give thanks.
Анна, 02.07.2019
Волосы заказываю не только для себя. Подарила дочери, она в восторге, смотрятся шикарно. Не отличить от своих. Цвет подобрать можно практически идеально.Спасибо за быструю доставку продавцу.
Анна, 30.05.2019
славянские волосы самые качественные и имеют довольно длительный срок носки, при хорошем уходе качественными средствами можно носить такие волосы до того момента, пока устраивает длина волоса.
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