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Fluffy hair with raised tips is not only a good volume, but not quite a neat look. When the strands are cut (the result of frequent coloring, permanent, use of a hair dryer, the impact of the hot sun), the beauty of the hair can not be considered. Polishing hair is designed to return them an attractive appearance by removing the bristling ends, aligning the surface texture.

Salon service takes 20-40 minutes. It includes a thorough combing, dividing the hair into small strands and grinding along the hair rods. To work using a special device or a separate nozzle on the clipper. Sharp knives quickly cut off the unsightly remains, improving the natural Shine of the strands.

Are there any contraindications to such treatment. It is not suitable for those who have very thin strands and almost translucent skin on the head, as well as with developing alopecia. Use a nozzle on approvalof and steep curls will not give visible effect.

Recommended for polishing hair.

Surface alignment should be done when:

  • regular use of styling devices;
  • frequent change of color or texture of hair (constant alignment at home, highlighting, coloring, applying the coloring composition to the entire hair, Perm);
  • increased electrification;
  • natural breakage.

If you wish to have long locks and do not try to do a standard correction in the form of trimming the tresses, choose as a method of improving the condition of hair grinding.

Hair polishing Polishing hair before and after Snooty effect of polishing hair Amazing hair polishing results

The obvious transformation in the course of polishing your hair.

Efficiently carried out the procedure provides the following result:

1. Polished surface eliminates the frequent tangling of hair, facilitates combing.

2. The smooth cut removes the split pieces, forming a smooth and silky tactile softness.

3. Cutting the damaged pieces provides accelerated growth of healthy hair. Shortening is done by 1 cm, the hair is strengthened.

4. Quickness of work: for shoulder-length hair is enough 20 minutes, if they reach the waist-it takes 1-1.5 hours.

Experienced hair stylists suggest not less than 4 times per month to apply nourishing products, except for shampoo buy shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the problems with brushing applied to professional hair serum.

Hair polishing: the opinion of experts.

The procedure is completely harmless, as it resembles a gentle haircut and does not have a thermal or chemical effect on the hair.

How often is this procedure performed? There is no single answer to it, because the condition of the hair depends on what effects they are exposed to, what kind of food prevails in the woman's diet, whether there is a place for stress in her life, in how ecologically clean region she lives. One girl may need to visit the salon every 3 months, and the other lady − every six months.

Regardless of fashion trends, age and type of hairstyle, hair polishing in London will always be in good demand. Try this procedure to evaluate the instantaneous transformation!

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The price depends on the length and thickness of the hair.

Hair polishing cost from £60

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Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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