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Keratin hair extensions are among the most popular hairdressing services. It is convenient for instant transformation (how else can you call the possibility to lengthen your own strands by 30-80 cm in a few hours). Sometimes you need to remove the hair extensions, which we will tell you more about.

Donor strands are removed:

  • if it is necessary to perform hair correction with subsequent hair lengthening;
  • if you want to change the colour of your hair;
  • when there is a need to nourish your natural curls with keratin, making them stronger and healthier;
  • if you do not have enough money for a new hair bundle;
  • in case you decide to take a break and want to go back to your own strands, having removed your hair extensions.

To remove extended hair, it is necessary to soften the keratin capsule. This is done with a fat-based product that starts the process of dissolving the capsule and facilitates its removal from the root zone.

Hair removal master Professional hair removal

Removing keratin hair extensions in detail.

A gel-like substance is applied to the attached strands. The connecting capsule is split by professional forceps and gently moved towards the ends of the hair. The procedure takes about an hour, if the care of the extended strands was performed in the process of wearing and the strands were not tangled. Otherwise, you will need more time in order to gently get rid of tangles.

The entire adhesive composition will not be removed immediately, so you will need to comb out and rinse your hair well.

Keep in mind the moral effect: after removing the attached strands the hair returns back to its natural state. This means that they will get almost the same length and their own density (definitely less than it was with encapsulated analogues).

Dangers of removing bonded hair extensions at home.

Before you decide to have your keratin removed at home, think about what it will cost you. You will save money for the service, but what will happen to your future hairstyle?

Remove keratin hair extensions by your own efforts involves the use of improvised means. Often girls do not even know that there is a special liquid that significantly reduces the hardness of keratin. They use masks, essential oils and other oils to get a slippery surface, making it easier to remove the strands.

Having reached a high level of greasiness in the hair, they start to pull off the added strands, risking to say goodbye to part of their own hair. To heat the capsules, irons and a hair dryer with a hot jet of air are used, but these hairdressing tools are used for other purposes. Some people even take a bath with very hot water to soften the capsules.

If you have a share of adventurism and do not care about opinions of others about your appearance, you can take a risk, personally performing the removal of the attached material. Unfortunately, more than half of the female after their own manipulations turn for help to experienced hairdressers.

A large number of salons functioning in the capital and working private masters allow you to perform the removing keratin bonded hair extensions in London quickly and accurately. Take care not of money, but yourself, your beautiful appearance and beauty!

To make an appointment, please contact the manager or send us an email by filling out the form below.


Removal of keratin hair extensions price £80 - 100.

Master looks at the difficulty of the removal - the presence of tangles... and determines the time to complete the work and the cost.

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