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Why the city of ladies are not satisfied with naturally curly waves or curls? For those who have locks, or a cool twisted tresses, be sure to want to try keratin hair straightening and hair treatments in London.

Someone wants to radically change the appearance, deciding to start with hair. Others are tired of hair, bristling at the ends in different directions. At the same time, styling products help for a short time, and if the girl wears a headdress, then after removing it, the head resembles a bird's nest. Others believe that the flowing brilliance of the waterfall on his head-incredibly beautiful and attractive, especially for men.

Each of the respondents is right, so we will take a closer look at the topic of keratinization: how safe the process is, whether there are contraindications, what results are achieved.

Keratin hair straightening Keratin leveling on dark and blond hair

Keratin hair straightening.

Due to the lack of a good environment, the use of products with preservatives and taste stabilizers, nervous shocks the body undergoes significant loads, the consequences of which are reflected in the hair. There are scales, which indicate the weakening of strands due to the destruction of the protein. The result is dullness, excessive tangling of curls, split ends and increased fragility.

Keratin straightening not only changes the texture of the hair. The main active component is keratin. It is similar to the protein substance in the hair, so it is well perceived by the plant cover of the head.

The essence of keratin straightening is to fill the voids formed on the hairs with a useful, therapeutic composition, so that they receive the necessary strength. The first step will be a thorough head wash using shampoo for deep cleansing. This is necessary to remove the remnants of styling, body fat, dust from the curls.

The second stage-the application of the composition, which is quickly absorbed by each hair. After 20-30 minutes, the hair is dried with a Hairdryer, and then treated with a hairdressing iron, achieving perfect alignment. Depending on the skill of the specialist and the density of the client's hair, the procedure takes up to 3 hours.

Keratin hair Qualitative leveling Qualitative straightening Keratin hair straightening

Why keratin straightening is so popular?

The result of heat ceratinine immediately visible:

  • the protein compound glues the raised flakes to the rod, ensuring smooth strands;
  • hair Shine with beauty, healthy Shine, please silky;
  • lost the ability to electrifying when the carefully laid strands at one point turned to the "sun".

The effect of keratin straightening hair treatments is maintained for 2-6 months (the result depends on the state of porosity of the hair, the degree of curls). Then you can repeat the procedure. If the alignment done a few times in a row, the strands will accumulate keratin, and it will stay in hair up to 8 months. An important feature is the use of tools for hair care sulfate-free basis.

We basically do not work with cheap keratin for straightening, which includes formaldehyde. Chemically active substance adversely affects the appearance of hair and respiratory organs. From straightening hair is better to refuse to persons prone to allergic reactions. Also, it is not recommended for people who have a naturally thin, small density of curly hair.

For those who are interested in keratin hair straightening in London and any other city, we offer complete sets for hairdressing treatments. uashophair.com always ready to provide you with a great result and a great mood!

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The cost of the work of keratin straightening depends on the length, thickness and emptiness of the hair.

length of hair for keratin straightening
Length № I hair 5-10cm (haircuts to ears) - £75
Length № IІ hair 15-25cm (bob, bob haircuts) - £165
Length № IІІ hair 25-35cm (hair just below the shoulders) - £195
Length № ІV hair 40-50cm (hair on the shoulder blades) - £245
Length № V hair 55-60cm (hair below mid-back) - £275
Length № VI hair 65-70cm (hair to the waist) - £295

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