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Photo attachment points of capsules

Every lady after hair extension feels like a Queen. Gradually she gets used to look stylish and elite. How strong will be the disappointment, if once in the hair found tangles or strands are strongly confused with each other, up to the problem of combing! Let's try to avoid it.

Photo native length of hair

If people build up acrylic or gel nails, under which grow their own, then why not try to increase the length of native hair, for a certain time extending their donor? This is completely harmless, especially since during the growing period your species will be worthy of all praise.

Photo Virgin hair

Having the slightest idea about hair extensions, you've probably heard the term virgin hair (virgin hair). Exclusive material for which many are willing to pay a decent price. What is special about it and why rich fashionistas choose only hair "virgin", we will tell in this article.

Photo Factors of hair damage

To strands were always in perfect order, should take into account the factors of hair damage. The split ends, thinning of the rod, part of the hair remaining on the comb-it can greatly upset. We advise you not to chase the "fashionable" advice, a reasonable approach to the issue of care for your hair.

Photo confused hair

What's happening, why are confused hair extensions? After showing a lot of patience and spending a decent amount of hair extension, you suddenly find that the head appeared tangles. And, of course – panic: why, where, how to cope with them? Reveal the secrets of maintaining well-groomed hair extensions.

Photo Our recommendations

So you can work with a good product, read our recommendations to customers when choosing and buying hair. Beware of counterfeiting-otherwise your customers will move to competitors! But hair extensions are a great way to please a visitor and earn income every 2-3 months.

Photo Brondirovanie

Will help you understand the beauty of brown and white Ombre. Special technology of dyeing strands create a natural glare and glow of the hair. The finale of the work is so impressive that it seems as if the curls are painted by nature itself – so finely matched transitions of shades.

Photo Аir Touch

Air and paint is AIG Touch: a technology for strong hair. Unusual development belongs to the Russian stylist, who willingly shared it with his colleagues. Hair pre-lighten or subjected to tonal coloration. The very focus of the method is different…

Phpto Create your own unique style

How to create your own unique style? Fashion hairstyles change as often as the clothes. Masters under the power instantly extend the hair to increase density, create a color charm in hair. But still, each person has a special style, we will try to create it.

Photo Reconstruction of hair

Reconstruction of hair called "Nanoplastic" is a composition, which contains keratin, amino acids and collagen. Substances cover the rods and are fixed in them due to the action of heat. The procedure converts any type of hair, but special differences are observed on the fluffy strands.

Photo The root volume to be

A good solution: the root volume to be! Was it a joke of nature, giving one a thick, hardly combed hair, and the other - thin strands through which the head shines? How to cope with thin hairs at the roots, because of which it is impossible to wear most hairstyles?

Photo methods of hair extension

Choosing the technology of hair extension by heating, glue, mechanical fastening, few know that there are little-known capable of hair extensions. Information appears rarely: when you introduce a new service in the salon or post in Instagram photo "stars" with a new image.

Photo Botox for hair

Admit it, and you're familiar with Botox for hair? This is a completely different procedure than injections for the skin. It is about intensive feeding and strengthening of the hair. No pain and discomfort, there is a pleasant care. Botox is able to quickly restore weakened strands and straighten naughty curls.

Photo 6D hair extension

6D: fantastic speed of hair extensions... is it True? Is it possible to perform a build-up on the whole head in just half an hour or is it just a joke designed to attract attention? The length will be decent quality or it is suggested that a publicity stunt from the producers? Let's understand more specifically.

Photo Youth trends

Guys and girls of Kiev, trying to look like adults, form their subcultures: this is observed in a special appearance, specific music and views on life. There are also youth trends in hairstyles that Express a certain degree of rebellion, self-expression and disagreement with the outside world.

Photo Dandruff

All your plans about the beauty of the hair can break only one word: dandruff! The reasons for the occurrences of the treatment of the disease at the professional level are able to explain trichologist. Do not rush into the market for another, touted by superchannel, let's see how to defeat this enemy.

Photo partial build-up

Is a partial build-up acceptable? Certainly. Many had to leave the salon dissatisfied with the haircut. Whether there were cases when there was a wish "to add length" to a hairdress, to make magnificent a nape. Today you can look great an hour after treatment to the master of hair extensions.

Photo Silk Perm

Curls, which are filled with beauty and flow light "waves", are significantly different from the permanent, made on hard chemical compositions. "Silk" Perm for weakened and healthy hair cardinally transforms the appearance of its owners, transferring it from the step "so-so" to the level of "respect"!

Photo single drawn and double drawn hair

How to define single drawn and Double drawn hair? In the process of hair extension, many features of the material used are taken into account: where it came from ,how it was prepared, how long the strands added to the hairstyle will be "worn" and what actions are allowed to produce with them.

Photo masters are divided into male and female

Why masters in salons are divided into male and female? A Barber-wagon is a rarity. Usually the future master chooses the main activity profile, which, if desired, complements other services. It is important to "find yourself" as a specialist who is comfortable to work with their customers.

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