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Photo Hair polishing-rejuvenation

The aesthetics of the hair becomes the finishing touch in the beauty of the future image. Long and thick hair can have fluffy, dry ends, which visually add unsightly and unkempt. They seem to be trying to get out of the strands, forming a lift and breaking the General order of flowing hair.

Photo Micro hair extensions

Lush, shiny, healthy curls are every girl's dream. If nature has not endowed such wealth, ladies resort to achievements in the field of trichology. One of them is microcapsular hair extension. The client receives natural strands, matched in thickness and color to his own hair .

Photo Beauty and health of hair

Beautiful hair and clean skin-indicators of internal health. If there is dandruff, loss, cross-section of the tips, weakening of the hairs, then a therapeutic intervention is required that will correct fat metabolism, excessive dryness, burning in the root zone, excessive loss.

Photo High-quality keratin

When a radical transformation of the appearance is allocated only a few hours, think about the built-up, perfect hair. You will get a wonderful result only with the simultaneous use of three components: Slavic strands, keratin capsules of high quality and an experienced master.

Photo What hair extensions should I choose

Hair extension with beads, ribbons, glue, thermal clamps, capsules allows each client to choose a method suitable for the terms of pre-correction wearing, the cost of the service and the duration of the hairdressing session. The preferred methods are elongation with tapes and heated capsules.

Photo The alignment of the hair keratin

The idea to create a tool that straightens unruly curls, has long worried Brazilian masters. In this country, the smooth hair of the indigenous population - a rarity, but many clients beckoned silky train of hair, beautifully distributed on the back. The solution was to use keratin.

Photo attachment points of capsules

Every lady after hair extension feels like a Queen. Gradually she gets used to look stylish and elite. How strong will be the disappointment, if once in the hair found tangles or strands are strongly confused with each other, up to the problem of combing! Let's try to avoid it.

Photo native length of hair

If people build up acrylic or gel nails, under which grow their own, then why not try to increase the length of native hair, for a certain time extending their donor? This is completely harmless, especially since during the growing period your species will be worthy of all praise.

Photo Virgin hair

Having the slightest idea about hair extensions, you've probably heard the term virgin hair (virgin hair). Exclusive material for which many are willing to pay a decent price. What is special about it and why rich fashionistas choose only hair "virgin", we will tell in this article.

Photo Factors of hair damage

To strands were always in perfect order, should take into account the factors of hair damage. The split ends, thinning of the rod, part of the hair remaining on the comb-it can greatly upset. We advise you not to chase the "fashionable" advice, a reasonable approach to the issue of care for your hair.

Photo confused hair

What's happening, why are confused hair extensions? After showing a lot of patience and spending a decent amount of hair extension, you suddenly find that the head appeared tangles. And, of course – panic: why, where, how to cope with them? Reveal the secrets of maintaining well-groomed hair extensions.

Photo Our recommendations

So you can work with a good product, read our recommendations to customers when choosing and buying hair. Beware of counterfeiting-otherwise your customers will move to competitors! But hair extensions are a great way to please a visitor and earn income every 2-3 months.

Photo Brondirovanie

Will help you understand the beauty of brown and white Ombre. Special technology of dyeing strands create a natural glare and glow of the hair. The finale of the work is so impressive that it seems as if the curls are painted by nature itself – so finely matched transitions of shades.

Photo Аir Touch

Air and paint is AIG Touch: a technology for strong hair. Unusual development belongs to the Russian stylist, who willingly shared it with his colleagues. Hair pre-lighten or subjected to tonal coloration. The very focus of the method is different…

Phpto Create your own unique style

How to create your own unique style? Fashion hairstyles change as often as the clothes. Masters under the power instantly extend the hair to increase density, create a color charm in hair. But still, each person has a special style, we will try to create it.

Photo Reconstruction of hair

Reconstruction of hair called "Nanoplastic" is a composition, which contains keratin, amino acids and collagen. Substances cover the rods and are fixed in them due to the action of heat. The procedure converts any type of hair, but special differences are observed on the fluffy strands.

Photo The root volume to be

A good solution: the root volume to be! Was it a joke of nature, giving one a thick, hardly combed hair, and the other - thin strands through which the head shines? How to cope with thin hairs at the roots, because of which it is impossible to wear most hairstyles?

Photo methods of hair extension

Choosing the technology of hair extension by heating, glue, mechanical fastening, few know that there are little-known capable of hair extensions. Information appears rarely: when you introduce a new service in the salon or post in Instagram photo "stars" with a new image.

Photo Botox for hair

Admit it, and you're familiar with Botox for hair? This is a completely different procedure than injections for the skin. It is about intensive feeding and strengthening of the hair. No pain and discomfort, there is a pleasant care. Botox is able to quickly restore weakened strands and straighten naughty curls.

Photo 6D hair extension

6D: fantastic speed of hair extensions... is it True? Is it possible to perform a build-up on the whole head in just half an hour or is it just a joke designed to attract attention? The length will be decent quality or it is suggested that a publicity stunt from the producers? Let's understand more specifically.

Photo Youth trends

Guys and girls of London, trying to look like adults, form their subcultures: this is observed in a special appearance, specific music and views on life. There are also youth trends in hairstyles that Express a certain degree of rebellion, self-expression and disagreement with the outside world.

Photo Dandruff

All your plans about the beauty of the hair can break only one word: dandruff! The reasons for the occurrences of the treatment of the disease at the professional level are able to explain trichologist. Do not rush into the market for another, touted by superchannel, let's see how to defeat this enemy.

Photo partial build-up

Is a partial build-up acceptable? Certainly. Many had to leave the salon dissatisfied with the haircut. Whether there were cases when there was a wish "to add length" to a hairdress, to make magnificent a nape. Today you can look great an hour after treatment to the master of hair extensions.

Photo Silk Perm

Curls, which are filled with beauty and flow light "waves", are significantly different from the permanent, made on hard chemical compositions. "Silk" Perm for weakened and healthy hair cardinally transforms the appearance of its owners, transferring it from the step "so-so" to the level of "respect"!

Photo single drawn and double drawn hair

How to define single drawn and Double drawn hair? In the process of hair extension, many features of the material used are taken into account: where it came from ,how it was prepared, how long the strands added to the hairstyle will be "worn" and what actions are allowed to produce with them.

Photo masters are divided into male and female

Why masters in salons are divided into male and female? A Barber-wagon is a rarity. Usually the future master chooses the main activity profile, which, if desired, complements other services. It is important to "find yourself" as a specialist who is comfortable to work with their customers.

Photo Styling products

To form a hair style, you will need to use a styling product line. We will help you in understanding the variety of tools produced by cosmetic companies. After carefully reading the article, you will learn what secrets these drugs keep and what is suitable for your hair type.

Photo The sea and the hair

Vacation, weekend want to use the maximum mode. Arriving at the sea, do not forget that the extended hair needs protection and help. You will spend a little more time to wash your hair and hair care, but the hair will always be in order and do not need to urgently look for a hairdresser.

Photo cuticle of the hair

Transparent cuticle, which we pay little attention to, plays an important role in the growth and development of the rod. It adheres to the cortical part of the hair, withstands all manipulations with hair, "sacrificing" itself for the sake of the safety of the cortex. The external condition of the hair is determined by the degree of strength and health of the cuticle.

Photo Oswald's Circle

Coloring is used when choosing a suitable hair dye. It allows you to find adjacent and harmonious shades, thanks to which the hairstyle acquires exceptional expressiveness and allows you to stand out among other people. Circle Oswald unmistakably tell the right tone.

Photo Coconut oil

Coconut oil, extracted by simple mechanical extraction, nourishes the hair with valuable components and will make a significant contribution to the health of the strands. Very economical to use, it can serve for a long time. Oil is convenient to take on vacation, on a business trip, use at home.

Photo Perm

We want to constantly experiment with appearance, and what helps it to make better, than not change of a hairdress? Today we are glad to small curls, playfully crumbling on the shoulders, tomorrow ready to collect the hair in a tight knot on the back of his head, and the day after tomorrow we want to surprise abruptly stacked waves.

Photo Kinds of pliers

Hair extension is carried out using different tools. Forceps, which form the sealing compound, differ in shape and purpose. Most hairdressers choose one or two methods of extension and use them in their practice, honing their skills to perfection.

Photo Rules of purchase stackable strands

When building hair, it is important to contact the salon, which has a good reputation. Choosing a master, do not hesitate to ask him questions about the technology of joining strands, contraindications for elongation, rules of care, the frequency of correction.

Photo hair conditioner

For many years, there was a priority opinion: air conditioners are a group of products that are applied after washing the hair to facilitate its installation. This is just one type of product that is not limited to this functionality. It's time to figure out who and what should be used to achieve the desired effect.

Photo chignon and tress

There are times when you need to urgently change her hair, just a day turned from a pretty lady in a luxurious lady. Not everyone will run to the salon for build-up, Perm, because you can offer a faster way to change your appearance. And the cost is incomparable: tress and hairpieces will be cheaper.

Photo How hair is cared for in India

Looking at the female half in India, you always think: how do they keep their hair thick and shiny at any age? It turns out that hair care is a science that begins with the recharge of the scalp and ends with rinsing with soft cool water. It is impossible to spare time and violate the order of action.

Photo Red hair

How did red-haired people appear? Who are they: the children of the Sun or the messengers of the impure forces, which tried to get rid of? How can people with brown, black hair be born with fire-copper babies? This led to a false accusation of infidelity, especially when the other children were a copy of the father and mother.

Photo Getting used to keratin

Each innovation instantly acquires supporters and opponents. Keratin straightening, blowout, lamination of hair cause both admiring exclamations and disagreement, expressed in invented "axioms". This hinders the development of useful inventions, acquiring unwanted rumors and misleading gullible people.

Photo Selection of colored strands

Young people, starting from 14-year-olds, get together to spend time bright and unforgettable. They actively try to stand out: outfit (clothes), habits and hairstyles. Consider how you can modify your hair, using a change in the natural color of the strands for one day or longer.

Photo power of hair

The purpose of hair – a decoration of a person's appearance. That they do not become a problem situation, you need to maintain hair in a healthy form. The main component of proper care is a good regular food for strands. Getting all the necessary components, the hair grows well, have an enviable density, pleasant Shine and softness.

Photo evening hairstyles

Thanks to the brilliant idea of Simon Forbes, each representative of the weaker sex can significantly lengthen the hair in a few hours, make it thicker. Buildup is performed at its own length of hair from 5 cm. The selection of strands is done around the tone. The added donor strands are attached in different ways, and the fixation zone is carefully hidden by its own hair.

Wavy hair

Wavy curls - the natural wealth of girls. If nature has awarded you such luxurious hair, be sure to emphasize the highlight. We will tell you how to style curls, make them beautiful, shiny and voluminous.

Straight long hair

Long straight hair with bangs is a classic version, which is still very popular. What could be more beautiful than shiny and healthy curls, attracting the attention of passers-by? We'll reveal some secrets.

Photo monovalent

The image of a magical beauty with lush, long, thick hair always excites the minds of women and delights men. The first want to become them, the second are ready to pay compliments about the luxurious appearance. And have the ladies tried the extension with biolenta, which is called "Royal"?

Photo how to prepare for extensions

Thinning or similar hair from nature is a real problem for its owner. Whatever hairstyle was made-you can see that the hair is not thick, and sometimes even the skin of the head shines through. And even the hair doesn't help. And if you want to grow your hair, then you can't wear it loose.

Photo true causes of hair loss and hair loss

If you have grown hair from an experienced master, and after some time they have not become as thick as in a pair with a donor, then there is an unhealthy feeling of excessive hair loss. But everything is simple: the usual volume of hair has decreased, so your own strands began to seem thinned.

Photo youth subcultures

At first, only adventurous people responded to hair extensions, and the rest watched the results with apprehension. Now every second representative of the fairer sex is ready to visit the salon. There are enough reasons to look spectacular, but someone wants to Shine with their beauty every day.

Photo hair in the heat and cold

All 4 seasons of the year are different for us. Heat, dampness, frost, and slush alternately affect the body, affecting the hair as well. What is dangerous about a significant change in temperature? How does the hair feel in a "minus" and "plus" environment? What should be done to protect strands from deterioration of their appearance?

Photo Detox for hair

If you think that it is enough to wash your hair regularly, nourish it, and moisturize it, then this is not enough. The use of styling tools and products, street dust, heat and cold, cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, dirty rain heavily pollute the hair.

Photo learn hair extensions

Hair extensions are a whole science. To master it in theory and get a little practice, you need to spend a few days. It is important to initially get to a good teacher who will fully provide the basics of technology and the subtleties of the process. Therefore, they are looking for specialists using the Internet, carefully reading reviews.

Photo Stylish and modern hairstyle

In the 60s, every girl in London dreamed of a high hairstyle. Another round of fashion brought chignons back into use, and the neat "Babette" was transformed into a slight carelessness, with a lush nape. The hairstyle is quite suitable for a girl, a middle-aged woman and a well-groomed lady of " Balzac age».

Photo condition of hair

Intending to sell their hair, every girl wants to do it more expensive. It's time to choose salon treatments or do the restoration of strands at home. By improving the density, returning the Shine to the hair, healthy condition and softness, you will get more money and will be able to enjoy a new, beautiful hairstyle.

Photo hair polishing

A haircut does not always make the head perfectly neat, especially if the girl wears loose, long hair. The ends are split, raised, creating a small chaos on the head. There is one procedure that smoothes the hairstyle, cutting off the unruly ends and visually leveling the surface of the strands.

Photo useful hair oils

Oils are wonderful products that can actively work with hair. They contain extracts from the fruits of plants that can add hair softness, silkiness, smoothness, nourish useful ingredients, maintain moisture, increase root strength.

Photo Head from a distant province

Fans are people who like to imitate their idols. They copy the way "stars" dress, make-up, wear accessories, learn the gait and add to your vocabulary favorite words "celebrity". Perhaps each of us once did so at least a little. It seems to be nothing strange, but…

Photo A wave of creativity

Where is the line between creativity and tasteless, originality and self-indulgence, complacency and stupidity? Some " Homo sapiens "try to" stand out from the crowd " by any means. And this is done from the desire to shock others. It's time to evaluate the various unexplained eccentricities.

Photo Elements that bring tangible benefits to the hair

The natural cover on the head is not only protection from cold, precipitation, but also beauty, aesthetics of the image. Whatever hairstyle you choose, its mandatory components are density, health and purity of hair. Therefore, it is important to understand what is harmful and what will have a positive effect for our hair.

Photo Recommendations for wearing

Do you plan to increase the volume of hair without visiting the salon? Pay attention to the hairpieces. They increase the splendor on a certain area of the head, are conveniently attached, do not cause difficulties when removing. Buying, focus not on price but on the type of material and manufacturing quality wig-making products.

Photo Criteria for choosing a hair extension master

Women decide on hair extensions pretty quickly. It is sufficient to look at native ads to see what looks interesting now friend with "suddenly" the lengthening strands or a strong desire to change your appearance. It is also necessary to have a certain amount of cash.

Photo What hair color will be fashionable

Exclusive shades and technologies of the outgoing 2019 were contrasts, namely: balayage, rainbow coloring, pink pastel, ash Ombre. Next year is preparing new surprises, thanks to which you will be able to be in the trend and think in advance in what color to go to the podium of life.

Photo Why hair doesn't have to be cut

Do I need to trim my hair often? Hairdresser visit every 2 weeks or once a month? Will a haircut help if you want to get thicker hair? Every woman has similar questions, and she wants to know the right answers. But various inventions that can confuse, are not justified and false.

Photo Differences between African and capsular

Hair extensions used in our time, different method of execution. The main difference concerns hot and cold technology. For the fixation process, capsules, glue, beads, rings, tresses, tapes are used. Donor hair of Slavic, European and Asian types is offered.

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