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Photo A wave of creativity

Are you familiar with the wave of creativity that turns into stupid self-expression? Sometimes someone's fiction turns into a youth trend, bypassing all reasonable boundaries.

Nose hair.

Some men naturally suffer from an excess of vegetation: they have to remove the hairs coming out of the nostrils with a special device. But to do this on purpose, building something in the nose? Only an extraordinary girl in appearance and thinking could have guessed this! This is not a car with "cilia", but a neat nose, decorated from the inside. Let's say I don't care what others say, but what about a loved one...?

And if you also touch up your nose lashes to match your eyes? It turned out great and nothing prevents kissing…

Sequins on the body.

You can surprise in another way, but you can only demonstrate this in warm weather. Attention-body parts and organs that glistened! And this is not a carnival, but a real desire to show yourself. Even the man was hooked on the pseudo-friend. London laughs, the whole country laughs…

It's better here, but how can I show you what happened? You can only boast of the most-the most ... Except that in Instagram to throw, to abundantly otlaykali? A real example of when the brain was in this very place…

«Obsessed» with hairstyles.

The military theme can be voiced in different ways. When the form is not enough, the demonstration of interests looks like this: a patriot girl with a hairdo in the form of a fighter. Maybe it should be immediately sent somewhere on the real territory of military operations? That's a great target…

When tired of the natural shape of the eyebrows and lips.

Eyebrows arc-this is understandable, long recognized beauty. And what if you make the eyebrows wave? Try to understand what kind of mood the girl has: either calm, or surprised, or stormy? Beauty requires sacrifice, but I think this relates to this photo sketch.

Complex trend: when the rest is not given not only the eyebrows, but also the lips. What's it? One girl ate sloppily, and the second went and fell face down in the mud? It doesn't look like a disco version, it doesn't look like a wedding cake either. Oh Yes, this is the new zigzag of cosmetic history. Maybe someone wants to repeat or distinguish themselves even more?..

And a little about clothes.

I would like to know: the designer with a hangover such jeans came up with, mixing up the front and back of the product? Oh, I'm sorry, but this is a fashionable feature! Here is only it is unclear, as girl will feel, if someone in joke (or with certain intent) unzips "zipper" on trousers?

You will get acquainted with those strange life hacks that young people live with – and you will begin to doubt your adequacy and modern type. And finally – a certain European strangeness, which is commonplace for residents of the land of the Rising Sun.

It turns out that Japanese women to achieve a special smoothness of the skin regularly shave their face. And this is not only home, but also actively offered salon procedure.

I wonder why their hair does not grow coarse and bristles do not grow? After all, if a woman begins to shave off the vegetation on her legs, the growing hairs become thicker and darker.

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