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Photo Beauty and health of hair

To look attractive, you need to establish proper nutrition, choose the appropriate care products. Important beauty and health of hair: folk care products will help to improve the overall appearance of hair and solve recurring problems.

Washing without shampoo.

  • Take 3 pieces rye bread without crusts, liquify, inject 0.5 water until kasheobraznogo fortune. RUB the mixture in your hands and apply to hair for 5-10 minutes. Hair becomes soft and smells nice something natural.
  • Take 50 g of green clay or bran, add 1 teaspoon of mustard and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Dilute 1/3 with boiled water. Apply lightly from forehead to tips for 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Rice flour diluted with warm water until kalepolepo state is gradually applied to the whole head. After washing the hair, rinse with a decoction of burdock.

Against hair loss.

Puduchery product is not recommended for people with very fair hair. Ingredients: half a Cup of onion husk and oak bark, 2 tablespoons of cognac and a glass of water. Put the bark and husks in a saucepan, cover with water and boil for an hour on low heat. In cold, strained through cheesecloth decoction to top up cognac. Every day to RUB into the scalp, and once a week to further process the mixture completely hair. Keep, without washing, for 2 hours, wearing a plastic cap on top (you can do with a towel). This is necessary to warm up the head and activate the mixture. To remove the coating to dry hair in the usual way on the air.

Root nutrition and growth stimulation.

In London and other major cities of Great Britain in the air there is a lot of dust, oily inclusions, exhaust pipes. This prevents the hair from getting enough oxygen to make the hair grow well. Strengthened and looked gorgeous. Come to the aid of plant components.

Strengthen hair roots and saturate the right substances will help mask of honey, garlic and lemon juice. Make a pulp of 5 teeth of phytoncid, add 2 tablespoons of honey. After rubbing into the skin there is a slight but tolerable burning sensation. After 15 minutes, rinse well with water, and at the end rinse with water and lemon juice to remove the garlic flavor.

To improve the growth of hair helps a decoction of nettles with mother and stepmother. Proportions 161, boil grass need half an hour of exercise. Similarly, the infusion of burdock (15 g of roots) in boiling water (0.5 l). Wash clean strands 2 times a week.

That defeats the dandruff.

  • To defeat dandruff, use fresh cabbage juice or aloe leaf juice infused with alcohol to nourish the root zone.
  • You can take dry calendula flowers and pour 7% alcohol (ratio 1 : 5). If dandruff is dry, then castor oil is added to the infusion.
  • In a ratio of 1:10 dry flowers and sage leaves pour water, insist until cool and rinse the hair after washing.

Remedies for severe hair loss.

Lose hair so not want, especially women. And such means will help with it.

  • Rinse your hair with warm water and quickly RUB into the skin sea salt (you can do the cook). To hold a quarter of an hour, after rinse with lukewarm water. To do so times in 7 days in for 2 months.
  • Mix red onion juice in half with honey. For dry hair, pour a spoonful of sunflower oil into the composition. RUB into the scalp for half an hour. Couple of times wash hair shampoos, after continue to wash off water with vinegar (on the glass water 2 phytosterols vinegar).
  • Young nettles with flowers tear off the leaves, boil until soft, cool to a warm appearance. Rinse hair after washing.
  • In a ratio of 1 : 1 : 2, take the ground parsley seeds, alcohol and castor oil. The resulting product slowly parted to RUB in the head. Dry hair without rinsing. For oily hair halve the portion of castor oil. Do the procedure every 2 days for 30 days.

Plants are ready to help us, improving the quality and appearance of hair. More about the procedures of care, hairdressing services we offer to learn on the website uashophair.com

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