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Photo true causes of hair loss and hair loss

Do you agree that the build-up is not to blame? The true causes of hair loss and weakening may initially remain hidden or manifest themselves in a minor way.

At a time when the environment was much better than ours, people also had similar problems. Moreover, the causes of hair loss "overgrown" with ridiculous assumptions. It was believed that wigs and hats prevented the free access of air to the head, as a result of which the hair left its usual place of growth. In India, the population was fond of yoga, one of the exercises of which was standing on the head. And here they came up with their own explanation: the vertical position upside down contributed to the rush of blood to the head, and therefore to the hair. It seems to be for this reason that Indian men and women had very thick strands even in old age.

To combat alopecia, they spat on the bald spot, planted frogs, and smeared them with animal feces. Sparse hair was treated with softened wax, sulfur, resin, trying to awaken the natural power of the follicle.

The true reasons why the hair becomes less thick.

1. Food. Hair can also lack useful, nutritious substances, as well as the entire body. If you expose the body to diets for a long time, go to extremes with nutrition, choosing veganism, exclusively meat food, eating juices or dried fruits, then the body and hair will begin to "rebel". This will cause problems with the growth of weak, brittle, dull-toned hair.

2. The wrong choice of skincare products. Imagine that your hair is quite dry. And then you buy the advertised product, not seeing in time that it is suitable for oily hair. As a result, your strands will eventually become even drier, begin to fall out. And here you will need a fairly long period of time and a whole range of cosmetics that will restore the humidity of the hair to the desired level.

3. The opposite phenomenon, which is also sometimes found. This is a rare head wash. The hairstyle gets dirty, but some people like the strands that cover the head tightly. Hair takes on a lot of dust, which is abundant in London, other megacities, in places where production enterprises are located. Add to this dead scalp cells, products of the sebaceous glands, remnants of styling products, and sometimes dandruff. A whole "cocktail" is formed that interferes with the skin's breathing, poor development of hair roots. As a result, they begin to fall out heavily, remaining on the teeth of the comb.

4. Strong experiences, prolonged stay in an unstable mental atmosphere. Stress provokes sudden sharp changes in all body systems and in the hair.

5. Hair loss may be the result of taking medications or undergoing chemotherapy. In some cases, hair extensions are not allowed. Then an alternative option is offered in the form of beautiful, natural wigs.

Extensions can cause hair loss only in 3 cases:

  • you got to an inexperienced master, tempted by the cost of the service;
  • the hairdresser suggested a method of lengthening, which is unacceptable for weak and sparse hair;
  • ignored the rules of care for donor hair, which led to the formation of tangles and the inability to comb the hair without pain untangling.

Contact those who have been working in the hairdressing market for a long time, have a lot of reviews and customers. Information help will be provided by the website uashophair.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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