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Photo Coconut oil

How nice to have a flowing wave on the shoulders or gently fit into the hair! Its contribution to the health of strands will make coconut oil: what is its use for hair − will help to determine this article.

The useful benefits of coconut oil.

1. Penetrating into the root system of the hair, it helps to strengthen them. The result is a reduction in breakage and loss.

2. The composition helps to remove the effects of thermal styling, perming, retaining natural moisture and keratin nutrition in the hair.

3. Removes dandruff, is an antifungal drug that promotes the improvement of the scalp.

4. Saves the brightness of natural and obtained by coloring the shade of strands.

The value of the composition.

Is coconut oil harmful? It is believed that no, as some of its varieties are eaten. This is done in order to get the body a large amount of vitamins and polyunsaturated, ready to assimilate acids.

Four kinds of acids perform anti-bacterial and inhibiting pathogenic microbial growth functions. Palmitic acid retains moisture, oleic acid – prevents cross-section, lipoic acid prevents the harmful effects of sunlight, actively fighting antioxidants, Caprylic improves the immune properties of the root system.

Betaine has water-retaining and wound healing parameters. Vitamins A, C and E are important components in the appearance of new hair, their qualitative growth.

Some manufacturers sell unrefined oil. It has a white color, softens at temperatures above +25°C, retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Refined product is transparent: it is partially loses its primary components, so manufacturers infuse it with the required components.

How to use coconut oil.

Residents of London prefer cold pressed oil. It is more expensive, the product yield is only 10%, but it works more efficiently. The advantage of the natural product is that it does not envelop the cuticle, and penetrates into the inner part of the hair – cortex. Many cosmetic products for hair and body care are composed of a small proportion of coconut oil. However, I have on hand a treasured jar with a magic composition, you can carry out restoring procedures, improving your appearance.

1. It should be prepared for the fact that coconut oil, which will have to be washed off, is quite absorbed into the hair. Therefore, if there are no problems with the root zone, it is better to apply to the middle and the ends of the hair, depending on the task.

2. To care will take time from 2 to 4 hours. You can also use the oil at night time, as do Indian women. But then you have to get up early in the morning to rinse your head several times and have time to dry gently.

3. For preventive moisturizing coconut product is added in single portions to your favorite shampoo.

Saving recipes.

  • To improve the condition of the tips of the strands will help decoction of coconut oil and curry. The mixture is removed after half an hour.
  • For quick growth of hair applied with a mashed mixture of banana, butter, and sour cream. Stand on the wrapped head for 1 hour.
  • Strengthening will perform rosemary and chamomile flowers, mixed with oil. The composition is heated, put in a dark place for a day, filtered and applied for 2-3 hours.
  • Egg white with butter or honey with coconut product will help to stop the loss. Hair heals for 1.5 hours.
  • For dry, spoiled by the sun and Curling hair, a mixture of Hercules flakes, milk, oil is used. Half an hour – and you can wash off.

Regularly visiting uashophair, you will know all the female stuff that provides your hair thickness, beautiful appearance and grooming.

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