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Phpto Create your own unique style

Style involves the creation of an exclusive image that is right for you. If you take the representatives of celebrities, then over each famous "star" works an army of image-makers, stylists, hairdressers, fashion professionals, choreographers, polishing the parameters of appearance and gait. And how to create your style an ordinary person who is not ready to invest millions in a luxurious appearance? Let's talk about hairstyles for London and other cities.

How to determine what is suitable.

1. Evaluate your appearance from the position of symmetry of parts of the face, the features of the head. Each of us has a pair of eyes, ears, two lips, and the same number of halves of the nose. However, it happens that sometimes one of the more protruding ear, slightly sloping nose, or one eye noticeably larger than the other. All these problems can be corrected with hair, quietly moving his gaze towards the more profitable areas of the face. The same applies to the contour of the head: flat or too outstanding nape, large or small form very successfully leveled correct haircut.

2. Owners of faded hair color can be offered to add brightness to the natural pigment. If you want to reduce the oval of the face, choose a dark shade, and when you want to visually enlarge it, then take ashy, blonde shades.

3. Decide how much time you are ready to devote to your hair every day. If only to comb your hair, then choose a haircut that does not require styling. The same applies to the formation of a ponytail or braids. Many girls every day spend an hour and a half to wash their hair, drying twisting strands. There are ladies who visit hair salons every morning to create high hairstyles.

4. Ask yourself the question, what style of life is close to you? Calm-relaxed, dynamic, ultra-fast? Agree that updo is not conducive to the hobby horse races or Latino American fast dances.

The style component of hairstyles.

Depending on what kind of image you want to create (modest, romantic, business, elegant, shocking), choose what will best fit the ideas.

1. Gentle prude.

Forms the image of a cute and defenseless girl living in her charming world. Loose hair curled for the effect of light airiness. You can use a beautiful Hoop, restraining silky, carelessly scattered over the shoulders curls.

2. Non-floating classic.

Hair style is characterized by simplicity and symmetry. If it's a quads, no Perm. Twist bun, fast "shell", a bunch of Greek, live Christmas tree – simple, clear outlines, and without sophistication.

3. Ethnic hair.

The basis of its are streamer, stacked in different interpretations: around heads, "bagels", asymmetrically, twisted in "snail".

4. Retro options.

Twiggy, disco, Babette, Afro-haircuts, pin-up – a tribute to the fashion of the past. Hairstyles are the same as those which were on the minds of celebrities of the past era. Here are used as short options, long hair with hairpins, armbands, tiaras.

5. Modern jackpot.

This group consists of unusual haircuts with shaved temples, patterns on the head, coloring in acid and ultra-bright colors, a combination of braided braids, tails, haircuts with lush nape and "torn" bangs and much more, corresponding to the realities of our time.

Uashophair – your guide to hairdressing: the subtleties inside, expert opinion and useful pieces for your look.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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