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Photo Criteria for choosing a hair extension master

It is necessary to go to the salon, where you plan to return with a long, silky, thick hair. It remains to find a decent and experienced specialist, given the criteria for choosing a master hair extensions. Carefully assessing the information collected, you will eliminate the error that can lead to deterioration of appearance and additional investments to correct the result.

We assess the quality of services provided.

1. Many masters, in addition to salons or in full transition to self-employment, have their own websites-business cards. This allows customers to learn more about them, see photos of the works and contact remotely to get answers to their questions. The site in most cases contains beautiful information and wonderful shots with luxurious hair. But best of all you will define "the" master in London, having communicated by phone.

2. Prepare yourself a little by learning about the important moments of the hairdressing service via the Internet. Ask thematic questions. The master who answers freely, without long pauses, uncertainty and bravado, will show in the answers that the process of hair extension knows up to the subtleties.

3. Pretend to be a little doubtful. Ask the specialist to briefly explain why he recommends this method. Why doesn't he like alternative methods? Answers "I otherwise not work" or "all else – this poorly" will confirm narrow focus, weak awareness and desire to impose precisely advertised way to build.

4. If the master does not work at home, but in a beauty salon, visit him to see the process of building. An experienced specialist will not refuse this request, understanding the desire of the client to entrust his head to a professional. And will not tell that it is difficult to work when someone is behind, distracting with the presence.

5. Hairdresser, thoroughly owning the technology of works, behaves calmly and confidently. He knows exactly how long the capsule is formed and how to work properly with tongs, how long the glued tapes will last and what is inconvenient for sewing strands to the base.

6. A client-oriented specialist "promotes himself" by different methods. In addition to the photos in the portfolio, he will shoot 1-2 videos, where he will demonstrate not only the head of the client with the final result, but also himself will appear in the frame.

7. Pay attention to the interior of the room – on all or most of the photo frames and videos it should be the same. This point will confirm that the service was really presented in the room where the master works, and the portfolio is not a combination of frames quietly taken from colleagues.

8. Find out what donor hair the hairdresser works with, how long the procedure of extension and correction takes, what is the probability of tangles and whether it can be eliminated without cutting the hair.

9. Stopping at the capsule build-up, find out what size the joints will turn out. This is important, because the smaller the capsules are, the less load comes to your own hair and the more evenly the donor strands will be located on the head.

10. Get answers regarding washing, combing, sleeping, caring for lush hair extensions. Ask about the correction and the permissible duration of wearing strands. Compare all the information with the one that has been found and repeatedly confirmed by the Internet.

Do not neglect the check – you risk your appearance, which affects mood, self-confidence, career advancement and circle of acquaintances. To be "savvy" in the topic of hair extensions, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the products in the store.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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Obligatory field
Thank. We received your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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