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Photo Elements that bring tangible benefits to the hair

We regularly contact our hair: wash it, dry it, treat it with care products, do our hair. There are various elements that bring tangible benefits. Thanks to them, our curls and strands receive special care, which invariably affects their condition.

How to show love for hair.

Resorting to different methods, using natural means in the complex, we help the hair not to lose Shine, exclude abundant loss, strengthen the roots, make the surface silky.

1. Burdock oil.

Burdock is considered a weed. Like any roadside plant, it is endowed with significant vitality, able to increase the "survival" in the period of dryness, temperature fluctuations, heavy rainfall. The oil contains cell-forming and protective vitamins, it heals on the surface of the scalp minor damage, strengthens the roots, relieves irritation, promotes victory in the fight against dandruff. Burdock reduces the number of split ends, brittle hairs. In London burdock oil is easy to buy in any pharmacy.

2. Nourishing and stimulating compositions of masks.

It is no secret that there are many masks on sale. However, fans of all natural prefer to prepare their own compositions, focusing on the reviews of others. whether it is Right or not-everyone decides for himself, but it has long been noticed that in cosmetic compositions, and in home cooking, the same components are often used.

If you are a supporter of financial savings, choose self-cooking. Those who have a strong employment, it is easier to buy ready-made mask compositions. Remember: nutritious foods improve the delivery to the bulbs of the components necessary for hair health. One example would be a product with aloe and green tea.

The effect of stimulating masks is based on a slight irritation of the upper layers of the epidermis, which causes cell activity and provokes an increase in the rate of hair growth. Similar action differ compositions with mustard or red pepper (attention, independently produce such masks cannot be, not possessing appropriate knowledge and experience).

3. Shea butter - "first aid" for damaged, depleted hair treatments.

In itself, the oil is very fatty and to use it, you need a lot of Tinker. Heat a portion of the product in a water bath (do not overdo it, the substance melts at a temperature slightly above +30C). On washed and slightly dried strands, apply a thin layer of half-empty mixture and stand for more than 2 hours. It is much easier to buy a product containing Shea butter, but you need to be sure of the honesty of the manufacturer.

4. Wooden comb.

Wood has a beneficial effect on the skin. It increases blood circulation, stimulating the internal subcutaneous glands.

When combing, the skin is not injured, and the hair gets a useful effect. Wood eliminates the appearance of electrostatics, helps to evenly distribute the hair care products used, causes hair relaxation caused by prolonged wearing of a headdress.

On the site discusses many topics on their own hair and strands of hair extensions. By ordering a call, you will receive prompt feedback. Provided advice will help to better understand many issues and dispel the fabulous theories that are often faced by users on the Internet.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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