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Photo Getting used to keratin

Hair consists of α-keratin (a derivative of vegetable protein), water and lipids. The cortex was hardened cells with the protein, the composition of which corresponds to the root (bulb). The outer part covering the rod is called the cuticle. Its role is to ensure the beauty and integrity of the hair.

Proteins, coming into our body with food, first break down into amino acids, and then begin to transform into other proteins, suitable for hair nutrition.

No produced by α-keratin of the hair starts to Shine, to weaken, slowing down of growth. That is why keratin therapy is used for them. Those who use the service of hair straightening, also feed their protein component.

What to believe and what to give up.

1. After keratin hair shiny, and if you stop using it – will be dull and worse than they were.

Keratin really gives the strands a certain Shine, which with each washing of the head becomes less. After using carotenodermia medium hair get its original appearance.

2. Cosmetic protein in shampoos has a therapeutic effect and is capable of thin, weak hair to make healthy and strong.

It fills the pores of the hair, smooth the cuticle raised, but not cure. The structure of the head vegetation remains the same.

3. Keratin securely adheres to the hair, so it will not hurt the usual shampoos.

Proteinaceous material was "afraid" of sulfate means. If you wash your hair with a tool with similar inclusions, the substances useful for high-quality hair growth will quickly cease to have an effect.

4. If you align the curls with keratin, then it is impossible not to curl them with a Curling iron.

The main aim is really to align overly curly, frizzy hair. However, manipulation of the hair can make any.

5. With allopecia, the remains of the hair are fueled by keratin and new, healthy hair begins to grow next to it.

With partial and complete baldness carotenodermia drugs will not help you resolve baldness. Funds are applied at a distance of 1-2 cm from the roots, so do not affect the growth and recovery of bulbs.

6. Began to use products with keratin and after a short time the condition of the hair deteriorated, began to break and fall out.

If the keratin were of good quality (not made in secret), then this reaction of hair excluded. Unless it is possible to assume nonprofessional work of the hairdresser. Perhaps, on health affected nerve stress, particularly strong experiences, which occurred shortly before.

7. Did keratin – six months or more will forget about wavy hair.

Absolutely false information. The first time keratin will act on the hair for about 2 months. Then its action will stop, but on the surface of the strands will remain for some time silky Shine. With subsequent hair straightening, the duration of the protein component will increase.

8. Formaldehyde released in the process of straightening is harmful, it is a carcinogen.

Most formulations contain chemicals that produce formaldehyde when heat is locked to the strands. Therefore, masters work in masks, and in the cabin are powerful hoods or provided by the regular airing of rooms. However, you can choose a hairdresser who uses drugs without formaldehyde inclusions.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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