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For lush and strong hair, any extension option is suitable, and if you got naturally thin hairs and they do not please you with a pleasant density, a sparing method is offered – extension with monobiol. Lengthening is now perceived as a short-lived hairdressing procedure that will help you get a new image without any harm and contraindications to health.


Monobiolent hair extensions are the first way to lengthen your hair, where you can wash your hair immediately after the salon and perform the desired styling. It is convenient in the absence of thermal processes, it is performed quickly and without any difficulties.

1. The procedure lasts for 40-60 minutes. This is very convenient, since you do not need to spend 4-8 hours visiting the salon. If you want, you can do it at lunch time, being at work on this day.

2. Allows you to grow your own hair in parallel.

3. When performing a correction, the tapes are easily detached, then moved to a new place. Combing your curls is carried out with very little hair loss. Own strands in the places of the first fixation remain non-sticky, simplifying the process of the next attachment of fragments.

4. The bio-composition of the glue eliminates the penetration of harmful components into the hair. The absence of unpleasant sensations, which is usually observed in the first days after using the encapsulated Italian extension technology.

5. Wearing does not require daily removal of the donor material for sleep. It does not prick and is perceived as your own.

6. No tangles are formed, and if the hair is slightly tangled in the wind, they can be quickly restored to their original, neat state.

7. During the removal process, a special liquid is used that instantly dissolves the adhesive composition, without harming the hair. It takes 20 minutes to remove the strands and the same amount of time to transfer them to a new attachment point.

8. One set of tapes is enough for 5 applications, so you can use the same material for a year.

9. If you want, by yourself or with the help of a friend to carry boletaceae capacity, eliminating the visit to the salon. Donor hair is made in the form of flat strands that quickly stick a little below the root zone.

10. If your man wants to stroke the hair of his beloved, run his fingers to the head to feel the silkiness of the strands – you can not worry. Unlike capsules, which are at least a little, but palpable, the tapes are not felt tactically at all, and the place of their attachment is tactically recognized only by a very careful search. But your boyfriend doesn't have to know about it.

Capacity with monomiality very quickly gained popularity in London. And now, when spring comes into its rightful rights, every woman will take it as a signal to renew her image, and will want to appear before the world in all its glory. Hurry up to make an appointment at the salon or at home to your hairdresser to please others with your attractiveness and smile!

Website uashophair and will continue to introduce you to new products in the field of hairdressing industry, selecting the best that the Barber can advise his favorite clients.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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