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Photo Hair polishing-rejuvenation

Agree that polishing hair-rejuvenation and a nice look. Rods get rid of the over-dried tips and are able to breathe better, easier to comb.

Changing the quality of hair occurs as a result of the action of the active sun, salt water, thermal processes at home styling and transformation in the Barber shop (straightening "iron", staining, permanent). As a result, the ends of the hair are slightly lightened and strongly dried. This can be seen on the loose strands, so an urgent need to bring her hair in order.

What is fiction.

Keratin (Botox) has glued hair and be just fine.

Split ends, forked hairs at the bottom can not be corrected. Offered only at the time to glue them, but then need to do it again.

This trimming leads to excision of the hair and its further bifurcation.

Strand is at an angle, the slice is exactly, therefore there are no preconditions for the formation of split ends. On the contrary – they are actively cleaned.

Polish curly hair will not work.

It will turn out, but first they will have to align the iron, then to Polish. Normal hair sanding takes 30-60 minutes, and with the alignment procedure will be delayed for several hours.

Therefore, when a girl does not agree to trimming the tips, but would like to improve the appearance of the strands, an alternative polishing service is offered. In London, many salons offering services at a high level.

What is the gain after polishing.

1. Minimal interference with hair growth, expressed in the partial removal of the bristling ends (reduction in length by 0.3-1 cm).

2. Hair says goodbye to the dull ends and acquires a uniform, healthy Shine.

3. Scissors so hair not improve: after use the device is obtained an even slice.

4. Improving the quality of hair suitable for even strands and cascading hairstyles.

5. During the procedure, there are no restrictions on health and age.

6. Polishing is done quickly and immediately provides the desired result.

To qualitatively perform the procedure, you need a nozzle with sharp blades.

There are "pitfalls" polishing, which will report.

  • The service is not suitable for those who have very thin or frequently falling hair.
  • It is not recommended for girls with unstable mental condition.
  • On wavy and especially curly hair, the result will be less noticeable than on straight hair.
  • The amount of hair will be slightly reduced.

How is the polishing.

  • Hair is washed and dried in the salon.
  • Thermal protection is applied to each strand.
  • Slightly wavy or curly hair is allowed to flow through the iron.
  • Strands above the temples and in front of the head are pinned, polishing is performed, starting with the occipital part of the hair.
  • The master takes a strand in his hand, passes the tips, where most of the split elements, into the Hg Polishen nozzle, and smoothly conducts it, removing excess. Then the same strand is processed along the entire length. Sometimes it takes several passes to cut unwanted parts of the hair.
  • When you have finished with one strand, it is pushed aside and taken for the next, until the entire hair is polished.
  • If the hair at the bottom is severely cut, it is recommended to trim the hair line 1-1. 5 cm.
  • The procedure is completed with a light application of nourishing oil to the hair.

The next visit to the salon is done depending on the visual condition of the hair, but not earlier than 3-4 months.

Do not forget to properly care for your hair, using exactly the tools that are most suitable for the type, age, color. If you have any questions, please visit the website uashophair.com, where they will always help and provide professional assistance.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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