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Photo High-quality keratin

If the fight for the client goes beyond reasonable limits, counterfeit materials enter the market. We will tell you how to find high-quality keratin for building: tips when buying will help to avoid fatal financial mistakes.

What is keratin and why its quality is difficult to recognize an ignorant person.

Keratin is a polymer used for thermal bonding of donor material with native hair in the Italian method of building. It is important to purchase this product from the manufacturer, so now we know what characteristics it should have.

The original keratin resembles a resin, it is evenly melted with forceps, hardens quickly and holds the donor material well until the next correction period.

1. Shade

The material is produced in transparent, yellowish, brown and black colors. Colors are made taking into account the selection of natural hair color clients. Transparent is considered a universal species, but gradually it becomes visible on dark strands.

2. Checking for light and ultraviolet

If you put the particles under a UF lamp, they should give off a neon glow. This indicates the real quality of the goods. Transparent particles have a slight bluish tint. Plastic or silicone in contrast to keratin instead of Shine give a matte and turbidity.

3. Geometric characteristic

The correct bead size: length – 2-3 mm, a diameter of about 1 mm. larger particles are suitable for the English way of building, but it is absolutely unsuitable for microencapsulation. The larger the particle size, the less opportunities to create "naturalness" hairstyles. With small granules to work longer, but the result is more perfect.

4. Degree of refractoriness

It is desirable to use in the medium-and refractory keratin. If fusibility is low, it will adversely affect the degree of attachment of their own and donor hair.

5. Manufacturer

Most hairdressers from London, specializing in hair extensions Italian method, choose European brands. Chinese products and little-known manufacturers have a low cost, and therefore questionable quality, which will invariably affect your relationship with customers.

What to expect from lacertina?

During the acquisition process, you may encounter the following fakes:

  • Chinese plastic. Good appearance mimics keratin. Fixes the hair securely, but removed badly, with the tearing of their own hair. The lack of elasticity of the material leads to increased brittleness of strands, excessive hardness of fixing lumps. Uncomfortable and harmful on the head;
  • silicone. Capsules before use it is necessary to cut. The material does not have sufficient binding force, so donor hair begins to fall out after the first wash;
  • capsules with vitamins for building. This is also a deception of inexperienced users. The technology of production of keratin does not provide for the introduction of vitamins into the product.

If you value your customers, good reputation and do not chase fast, questionable earnings, choose reliable manufacturers or suppliers. More useful information for colleagues and customers we provide on the website https://uashophair.com/. We will be glad to visitors and virtual communication.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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