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Photo condition of hair

So, you are mentally prepared for the fact that soon you will visit a hairdresser and say goodbye to long hair, choosing a shorter, modern hairstyle. There are still a couple of weeks ahead, so you can think about how to improve the condition of your hair before cutting, making it more attractive.

Home remedies.

Adherents of naturalness will remember about infusions and herbal decoctions for rinsing. For example, oak bark, hops will make the rods stronger, birch and nettle will reduce hair loss, Lily of the valley and mint will cure dandruff. Excessive fat content will be eliminated by Linden, sage, plantain. Lavender will help with skin irritation and scratching of the head. Aloe, thyme, calendula will moisturize the root zone of the hair.

Onion and pepper masks will form an increased blood flow to the follicles, resulting in nutrients getting to the roots faster and more fully. For moisturizing and nourishing masks, honey, cottage cheese, and eggs are used.

A valuable drawing.

Essential oils, such as lemon, rosemary, lavender, can reduce the stratification of the ends of the hair and hair loss. The split ends will glue together extracts from ylang-ylang, geranium, rosewood. For dry scalp, orange, sandalwood are suitable, if the hair is too oily – ginger, mint.

It is convenient to use the complex action of oils that can simultaneously provide several useful options. Aromatic products are applied directly to the hair, added to cosmetic products for hair care or to water for rinsing after washing. A huge number of essential oils are offered by pharmacies in London.

Washing and care of cosmetic products.

Do not forget that any effect on the hair can bring both benefits and harm. Therefore, it is important to buy a suitable shampoo, balm, conditioner, mask and use no more often than recommended on the package.

If finances allow, use a professional line of products from a well-known manufacturer. We will not mention specific brands – they are usually well-known, as they actively advertise their range.


Every particle of our body receives the substances that are found in food. Balanced food will benefit, while harmful products will only weaken the hair due to the non-occurrence of important elements. You should regularly drink clean water, the amount of which per day should reach 2-2.5 l.

Taking dietary supplements with minerals and high-quality vitamins will also contribute to the good condition of the hair.

Salon features.

If you prefer restoring hardware procedures, find a salon that is in demand. You will be offered protective products and those that affect the condition of the hair at the root level.

The first type includes:

  • lamination (the composition is kept on the hair for up to 2 months);
  • gloss is used to apply a therapeutic layer, and then seal it on the hair rods;
  • cauterization is similar in action, but it only works up to 14 days, so it belongs to session therapy. It is made hot and cold;
  • glazing-easy staining of the surface of the strands, not penetrating inside (designed for 8-10 weeks);
  • keratin treatment. A useful product is absorbed by the hair and begins to restore the hair from the inside.

The above effect is usually used for external and partially internal restoration of the vegetation cover of the head.

The second type is a deep study of the hair structure:

  • reflexology includes a point effect on the hair centers using micro-currents, small needles;
  • darsonvalization provides a positive effect on the scalp and the root part of the strands;
  • mesotherapy. Introduces a cocktail of nutrients into the subcutaneous part of the hair;
  • PRP therapy. Platelets are injected into the plasma, and then the enriched mixture is returned to the body;
  • ozone therapy. An ozonated solution is sent to the follicles, which "awakens" the cells.

In order not to miss useful life hacks, training information and world news in the field of hairdressing, we recommend that you visit the site once a month uashophair.com.

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