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Photo hair conditioner

Rarely who is ready to say that his hair does not need additional care that they are-strong, well-groomed, perfectly fit and did not fall out. Unless representatives of rare tribes have a magnificent head of hair due to proper nutrition, shampooing in the waters of rivers and the lack of industrial progress. But we can improve the condition of the hair, using care products.

Types of air conditioners.

The world of beauty is a huge industry of means, where there is a place for every composition that benefits.

1. Rinsing preparations.

Suitable for healthy hair. Applied after washing, washed off after 5 minutes, facilitate combing and styling.

2. Providing acidifying effect.

Designed to support and restore the acid-base balance of the hair, which have undergone intense staining. Increased concentration of acid gently smoothes rich alkaline effects of the coloring compositions.

3. Conditioners that remain on the strands.

Created on water and silicone base, designed to eliminate pusheniya, regeneration of hair affected by sea water, drugs.

4. Coloring line.

They help to maintain the intensity of the color acquired after painting, deepen your own hair tone, change it to another, close to natural. Works only in side blackout strands.

5. Summer series.

Form a protective shell that prevents drying of hair due to the active sun. Can additionally moisturize the hair.

6. Forming a regenerating effect after thermal process.

Necessary for frequent use of "irons", Curling irons, hair dryer.

7. Provides visual Shine to hair.

Available in the form of indelible air conditioners, after application of which the curls acquire a persistent Shine. Their action is based on the reflection of the incoming light.

8. Special property.

This group includes cosmetic products that can soften the effect of water, create an antistatic effect, fueling the cuticles with protein.

Part of air conditioners includes the mask. They stay on the hair for an average of 15 minutes, so they can have a deeper impact on the root zone and scalp. Participate in the restoration of hair by nourishing makeup, transfer of useful moisture, preservation of a new color from rapid leaching, transformation of hard hair into obedient and well-laid.

Why washing hair has a negative impact on their condition.

On the example of one of the types of air conditioners, let's see how it eliminates the negative effect of the detergent.

The head must be washed depending on the degree of contamination: 1 times a day to 1 time a week. Acid-alkaline balance of hair − only 3.67, and scalp – 5.5. In shampoos pH case 5 and higher. The result is the accumulation of negatively charged particles that cause static curls and lead to their rapid entanglement. But the shampoo always washes out (except dry deposition), using the water рН7,0-7,5. As a result, the hair is even more electrified and confused. Water enters below the raised cuticle, making the destruction of the keratin molecules. Cuticles fly off, opening the cortex, which leads to fragility. To prevent hair breakage, use conditioner. It levels the potential difference, as it has a pH of not more than 5.5.

Only some Western manufacturers indicate the level of acid-base balance on the tanks with air conditioning. To choose the right tool, focus on the presence of citric acid and glycolic acid.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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