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Photo Micro hair extensions

The main factor that allows you to successfully perform micronaraschivanie hair-the experience and professionalism of the master. From the hands of a specialist and the ability to perform the proposed service depends on everything:

  • selection of material for building;
  • knowledge of ways to increase the length of strands and the ability to choose the most suitable method for a particular visitor;
  • compliance with the technology of hairdressing operations;
  • providing recommendations to maintain the hair in excellent condition until the correction.

Female representatives turn to the master in 4 cases: - you need to hide the bad result of haircuts:

  • you need to hide the bad result of haircuts;
  • the chosen hairstyle is not suitable for this type of person or does not suit the client for other reasons;
  • there is a desire to radically change your image, from appearance to wardrobe;
  • there is an important event in which you want to Shine.

Suitable for the microencapsulation of strands.

Each technology improves over time, offering the best solutions. Microencapsulation is the creation of small keratin capsules that bind their own and donor strands. The transition from capsules of 6 mm in size to miniature analogues of only 3-4 mm gives positive results.

First of all microcapsular technology of building in London is offered to ladies with very thin and rare by nature hair. It should be noted that the material is suitable for any type of hair. The only difference from the classic type of capsules: strands are built up and removed 2 times longer. In the rest of the client only benefits from this method, so as receives extended hair more lungs, than under capsules in 6 mm.Reduced burden positively is bad for native hair. Microcapsules can be detected if you purposefully look for the junction of your own curls and donor. Therefore, you will not feel embarrassed when a loved one gently runs his hand through your hair, admiring their beauty and silky.

Gluing hair protein compound does not harm its own strands. The heating of the capsule is very fast, which eliminates the appearance of negative consequences for the vegetation of the head. Narashivanie microcapsule method is able to increase the length and thickness of hair, so the salon more often than men. Seeing their aesthetic transformation after the first extension, they become adherents of this method of correction of hair density.

What do you get after micro hair growth.

  • A new image that creates a positive mood. Feel great, familiar men make nice compliments, possible changes on the personal front for the better.
  • Strands look natural in a loose form, when laying in the hair. You can wear a ponytail, make a "shell", use weaving strands, dye your hair, do not deny yourself a variety of hairstyles.
  • Buildup is performed throughout the head or in separate areas.
  • The donor material is identified by the color and texture of the hair, so the service is requested by ladies and men with straight, wavy and curly hair.
  • Microencapsulated strands do not cause burdening of their own hair, which excludes their abundant loss.
  • The right, quite simple departure and on time conducted the correction retain attractiveness a new haircut on 2-3 month.

After reviewing the materials of the site, you will learn a lot of useful information about donor European hair and will be able to purchase a quality product directly on the site.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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Thank. We received your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.