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We will not go into details – just announce the economic axiom: the benefit of the master (salon) consists of the cost of work and the difference between the purchase and the realized price of the material. If you are a master of a cool salon or have been working for yourself, you will not risk the reputation of a specialist, buying hair extensions cheaply.

Tricks sellers, is able to mislead.

1. Color capsules.

Silicone fasteners connecting own and donor strands have a yellowish tone. They are designed for Asian hair, as low quality and bend. Capsules for Slavic strands are made transparent, they are not visible in the hair, keep the curls attached.

2. Cover.

Pre-sale preparation includes silicone coating. All the hair at the same time look impressive, but after the first wash of the head will go great "grease". Strands will be difficult to comb because of the numerous tangles. The result is sad: it is impossible to walk with such a shaggy MOP, and to get rid of it, you need to visit again a hairdresser, but already experienced.

Useful tips for buying hair extensions.

Masters in London and other cities want to give useful information that will protect against erroneous purchases.

1. Trust the best.

Companies that are not the first year engaged in the preparation and sale of hair extensions, focused on long-term cooperation, so will not stoop to deception. Good products you always buy at the online store UASHOPHAIR.

2. Read reviews.

The more, the stronger the confidence in the seller. Especially good you can evaluate the quality of photographs used hair.

3. Feel free to ask questions.

Ask about any little things related to the product, the process of making a purchase, receiving an order, causing misunderstanding. A true professional will always adequately answer any question, tell about the origin of the goods, help you choose the right material.

4. Trial order.

If you already got the answers to all your doubts, but something inside does not rest, make a trial order. So you quickly make sure the truth of the words of the seller. And if you like it, you will become a regular customer.

Place a thin strand between your thumb and middle fingers, lightly RUB the strand, moving down from the cuticle and back. So you determine what kind of product is offered: Remy or No Remy. If the cuticles are not aligned, it is better to abandon the goods, as the donor material will quickly become unusable.

Excessive stickiness and sliding on the surface of the hair confirms the presence of a shock dose of silicone, capable, ka by magic, to wash off the hair with one wash. As a result, there will be a dull shade of hair with increased tangle.

5. Communication with a private master.

For the first time addressing a specialist outside the salon, ask him to read the inscription on the closed pack with donor material. Find out the origin of the strands and ask that the unpacking procedure takes place in your presence.

6. Forget about cheap price.

A good set of requires lasting and quality training. Of the two options natural tips and podawanych choose first to be sure that the hair was not much visited or chemically damaged ends.

We are waiting for interested buyers to UaShopHair!

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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Obligatory field
Thank. We received your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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