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Photo Recommendations for wearing

False strands, tail, bangs, occipital postizher, Babette version, braid are fixed in the right place and create a sense of naturalness of the hairstyle. Those who purchased the desired products, we want to give recommendations on wearing and caring for the chignon. This will help to always keep the product in order and enjoy using it when the need arises.

In London, a significant number of hairpieces made of donor hair or artificial materials are offered. Having stopped on "chemistry", choose kanekalon. Made from seaweed, it best copies natural hair, imitating its Shine, thickness and strength.

Chignon pinned to the hair and does not hide them in contrast to the wig. The overlay material is chosen slightly lighter than its own shade of hair, creating an analogy with the slightly sun-bleached ends of the hair. The product is useful for festive occasions. It can also be worn to hide the lack of hair on a certain part of the head.

Hairpieces made of natural hair.

Slavic hair are the priority choice for the building up of the locks, and hairpieces. They are convenient in laying, have a considerable variety of tones peculiar to the Caucasian race, have less rigidity, thickness.

A good chignon serves a long time. For a change, it is recommended to purchase several different types of products that can be worn separately or to form a complex, lush "crown" on the head.

Natural hair in the hairpiece does not deteriorate from staining and thermal Curling and permanent. They can be cut under the desired version of the future hairstyle.

The product should be periodically washed in cool water with shampoo, gently passing the strands between your fingers. Drying is carried out in the air, placing the postiger in a horizontal position. Then, using a comb, Curling irons or a hair dryer, styling is done. Allowed the use of gels and hair conditioner.

Artificial hairpieces.

Polyamide, vinyl and acrylic products are not suitable for long-term wear. Hard, weakly imitating natural hair, they will serve for a short time, and when exposed to the rain will look intimidating. However, there are people who for personal reasons choose these hairpieces.

After purchase, the product is carefully pulled out of the package and shaken several times to give a more lush structure. To avoid electrifying the components, tidying is done with a metal comb.

When it is necessary to wash, straighten all strands, comb, immerse in a plastic bowl or basin for 10 minutes. Water to obtain a washing medium is selected warm: it makes a solution with the help of a shampoo designed for delicate processing, capable of gently cleaning synthetic fibers.

Chignon does not allow mechanical friction. After its immersion, a light wiping of the hairs with a washcloth with whipped foam is performed. Washing is done under cold running water with a weak pressure. You can apply a balm-rinse, dissolving it in water and washing off the remnants of the chignon with cold water.

Drying is carried out in natural conditions. The product can not be squeezed and unscrewed. The initial moisture is removed with a towel, in which the hairpiece is wrapped. After complete drying, the postizhernaya products are combed, with the help of gel for synthetics it is given the desired volume.

Looking at the site uashophair.com, you will get more information on chignons and tresses.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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