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Photo Selection of colored strands
Punk style uashophair Крутая прическа uashophair

Flowing, gathered, braided, comb is hair, of which constructing a hairstyle for the youth party. It is offered in a thematic and arbitrary format, where each girl stands out in such a way as her imagination allows.

Luxurious hair Slavyanka uashophair

Highlights, coloring and Ombre change the color of the hair, but their main goal is to approach in reality. So hair gets new accents all over the head. You can do a brighter highlight, however, such transformation is long-wearing, not to one evening.

Luxurious hairstyle with hair extension uashophair

The most modest option – when the color modification is subjected to one or two strands. The choice of tone is based on the basic range of clothing, selected for decoration or ladies ' accessory.

Neon shine hair uashophair

Shine and Shine right on the curls? You're Poseidon's daughter! Bright iridescence akin to neon illumination and is capable of producing in the company of a furore.

Luxurious build-up of colored strands uashophair

If one version of a nautical theme – the image of the mermaid. Curly curls are presented in 5 different shades, which gradually change their intensity.

Gentle warm tones of enhanced strands uashophair

Warm tones, combined with cold, are considered to be poorly compatible with each other. But in the hair, and even the youth get-together it is considered quite normal. Its own shade with a silver combination forms a contour and does not age at all.

Extensive hair with wet hair effect uashophair

If you like − thin strands of wet hair, pay attention to this flow. The introduction of additional colors in the hair will strengthen the emphasis.

Wavy hairstyle - retro style uashophair

Retro style is not haunted by many girls. The image of Edith Piaf is not enough spectacular, but Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich become role models in creating hairstyles. Achieve a contrasting combination in the strands or at the ends of the hair, put a beautiful bandage on your forehead and remember who you remind of the famous Actresses of the last century.

Colored Strands in hair extensions uashophair

Woman - vamp catches the eye expression in the eye makeup and the brightness of the image. This – and a sorceress, and a fortune teller, and a thief of hearts.

Bangs with hair extensions uashophair

Do not want to change your appearance much? Then work on the bangs. For this purpose, you can abandon the paint and use colored crayons. The color will be less intense than in the photo, but will be quite original.

Locally dyed hair extensions uashophair

When there is no time to visit the hairdresser and you do not mind "to get into the hands of a friend", use one secret of local coloring. Take a strand, separate it with foil from the rest of the hair, strongly twist on the vertical axis, selectively brush strokes apply the paint on the top, without staining the entire curl. After drying, the strand acquires a new shade not along the entire length, but in sections.

Leopard Curls uashophair

Leopard print hair? And it is possible, judging by the presented photo. I'm sure there's a patch strand used. But how unusually she looks!

Hairstyle with horizontal coloring uashophair Hairstyle with red strands uashophair

And again the band: horizontal, vertical, and randomly "under the ryler".

Hairstyle with iridescent dyeing uashophair

Do not know what color to choose, I want everything at once? Experiment!

Aquagrim for hair, color gel, tint varnish, crayons and paint – everything is at the disposal of today's fashionistas. Choose and surprise others!

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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