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Photo Silk Perm

Silk biowave provides the opportunity to get curly hair with "clear" or a chaotic wave-like structure without compromising the quality of the hair. The technology of transformation is acceptable for thin and weakened hair, and the maintenance of components for care makes it possible to preserve the best characteristics of the strands and successfully form any hairstyle.

The developer of the hairdressing product CHI Ionic was the American company Farouk Systems. The ability to transform the original type of hair due to the modulating action of cysteine, which is an amino acid. Residents of London have long appreciated the benefits of this service and order it regularly.

Products features for biowave.

1. A new, gentle approach, a harmless alternative to acid permanent.

"Hard" chemical chemistry has always led to burning hair that had to be cut. The smell of ammonia in a mild form remained the first couple of weeks after visiting the hairdresser. Here, it's an inconvenience missing.

2. Preserves the natural composition of the hair.

Strands do not lose water, cuticle remains in its natural state. In addition, they are saturated with keratin and silk proteins. Disulfate bonds destroyed in the process of biowave are replaced by new organic chains consisting of amino acid fillers.

3. Formulations designed for different hair types.

The manufacturer offers several options for kits for biowave, taking into account the parameters of the hair:

  • for hard, weakly stained;
  • for normal, past any stage of staining;
  • for thin strands, amenable to color correction.

4. The ability to get as comb-shaped, beautifully stacked waves and slightly tangled curls.

5. Reconstruction of hair.

Silk proteins are able to "repair" the strands, eliminating the core emptiness, leveling the cuticles and adding a pleasant Shine to the curls.

6. After a month or two active components biowave start to clean up.

Hair looks neat, without the formation of creases and a clear distinction between natural and curled condition.

7. Different type of accessories and their thickness can significantly diversify the shape and size of the curl.

8. Extra-weather splendor.

Once laid the hair retain its shape until the next washing of the head. If your plans "burst" rain, it will only strengthen the curls, slightly changing the format of the hairstyle.

9. Even henna is not a hindrance to curls.

It is believed that after coloring the hair of henna twist strands difficult. However, silk biowave successfully cope with this task.


a) the Girls hatched babies breastfeeding or breast milk is not recommended at this time to perform biowave.

b) Malfunctions of the thyroid gland, hormonal treatment and "women's" days are also considered unfavorable for serious hair manipulation.

c) 18 years – this is the age when it is allowed to make decisions without the consent of adults. Biowave do not earlier, than will come the age.

d) the Appearance of allergic reactions in the performance of silk Curling, due to personal intolerance to the components.

Coming to the salon, it should be remembered that heavy and long hair is difficult to this type of permanent.

To biowave showed itself in all its beauty, you need to purchase a professional complex for the care of the hair CHI Curl Preserve System. It includes air conditioning, mousse and icing.

Welcome to the website uashophair. With this resource you will always know more about hair than your friends.

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