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Photo Styling products

The magic styling process allows you to visually change the volume of hair, make the curls sticking out to the sides obedient. How to achieve such perfection strands, what are the styling products used for hair styling? Meet the list in front of you.

Important attributes for the arrangement of hairstyles.

1. Varnishes.

Forget what happened 30 years ago. With an abundant sprinkling lacquer hair stick, resembling matted wool street animal. Today, the composition is different: they not only gently hold the hair, but also have strengthening properties. Choose a composition without alcohol, with a certain, suitable hair degree of fixation.

2. Gel.

Its role is akin to an architectural idea: the tool is used to model the future hairstyle. It is used before thermal drying, so it is distributed over wet strands. It has an effect on short and long hair, envelops each hair, making it thick and strong. Stacking takes place on the curler or the hair with the "wet effect". Gel like curly girls: they partially straighten their hair.

3. Serums.

Have not only medicinal properties, but also remove the fuzziness, align the contour of the hairstyle. There is a special serum is able to 50% to promote curls and prepare them for the subsequent installation. Applied in a small amount, the tool is not washed off, and eliminates the visual fat strands.

4. Toffee (the second name – chewing gum for hair).

Indispensable when creating an image with protruding strands that someone tried to put a little. Her love to use in London for special events, as a means of holding her hair in the rain, the wind all day.

5. Liquid powder.

Needed for the effect of airiness. The amazing thing is that the liquid substance after shaking and spraying turns into powder. It will remove excessive Shine on the surface of the hair, nourish them, make a single composition and hide from excess moisture.

6. Mousse and foam.

Especially loved by the female sex. Light structure, delicate aroma, fast application provide a high demand for such styling products. Mousse is recommended for short and medium length hair, foam is well suited to long curls.

7. Wax.

It is unique for its efficiency. Heated in the hands, easily distributed through the hair. Makes hair softer, partially straightens, works well with heavy strands. Two main features: power supply and solar radiation protection.

8. Paste.

The dream of every lover of non-standard short hair and the one who likes to change their "hairdressing" image during the day. For pomp is applied to all hair, with the effect of lifting only the top is applied to the roots, working with the tips, creating unimaginable curves.

9. Powder with styling for long hair.

It can be applied without combs, the owner is given the desired volume, generates and holds a complicated hairstyle. Very convenient for use on the road or during the working day.

A modern girl who wants to always be on top and have an attractive look, has a large set of styling tools. After all, the reason can be a lot: somewhere it is desirable to straighten the hair, create a smooth hairstyle, form twisted tips, make a lush halo over your head. Uashophair will help to realize the desired intentions by providing quality products from foreign manufacturers.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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