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Photo The alignment of the hair keratin

One of the most popular services of hairdressing salons is hair alignment with keratin. How is it done, how long will it last, will it harm the hair? These questions always excite clients, for the first time decided to transform their "creative mess on the head" in smooth and obedient strands.


1. The absence of permanent intervention in strands that retain their structure.

2. The ability to at least 3 months to forget about the tangled curls, sloppy perception of a MOP on his head, the need to use numerous styling products.

3. Filling hair voids with protein, oils and other useful components.

4. Hair well "hold" the contours of haircut.

5. There is no sense of gravity hairstyles, each strand is combed easily without torn hairs.

6. Appearance is worthy of all compliments, wherever you are: in London or any other city.

Hydrolyzed protein is able to organically integrate into the structural part of the hair due to the special molecular weight (up to 5000 daltons). Under the influence of thermal treatment keratin acquires increased elasticity, increasing the resistance of each hair. It closes all damaged areas, "repairing" them. Hair on the eyes of change in better side.

Which may be a little disappointing.

There are a number of inconveniences that need to be mentioned.

  • Allow time for full fixation of keratin inside the hair for 2-3 days after straightening, refuse to wash your hair and hairstyles associated with hair compression in order to avoid creasing (ponytail, tight braid).
  • Choose shampoos and other care products without phosphates, sulphates. In the first couple of months enough set of shampoo and conditioner, and the tips it is advisable to apply a moisturizing oil. In the future, it is recommended to remove the air conditioner and begin to use after washing the nourishing mask with acai berries. This will increase the period of use of keratin.
  • Swimming pool, bathing in a natural source can be carried out by covering the hair with a protective accessory.

The cost of the procedure for ceramic alignment is considerable, but the resulting effect and the opportunity for 3 months to forget about the tangled ends that do not fit and resemble disobedient springs, overlap the financial component of the service. In addition, you get a new, well-groomed hair, which is not created at home.

Very pleased with the fact that immediately after the salon you see a stunning result of hair conversion.

Why you can not do keratinization at home or with the hands of a girlfriend.

Even if you are up and down to learn the instructions for the use of funds, watch a few videos on YouTube, still not remotely master the technique of hair straightening keratin. You need to know how and with what to wash the strands in preparation than to dry, how actively to RUB the tool into the hair, how long how intensively to wash the transformed hair in the final stage of the process. You also need to provide significant ventilation of the air in the room, which is not achieved by an open window or air conditioning.

Any rash step will reduce all efforts to zero, and you will pay for it with hair health and wasted money for the purchase of funds. Therefore, initially set yourself up to work with a master who has good experience in this direction.

About how to become the owner of long hair in a few hours. You can find out on the website.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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