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Photo useful hair oils

Life-giving products are applied in a warm form. You can hold them in your hands or heat them in a water bath. The most useful hair oils are the ones that solve your problems. They are used for preventive purposes, rubbing into the roots, strands, added to shampoos and rinses, make masks for a few hours or all night.

How to choose quality oil.

1. To protect yourself from unnecessary expenses when buying fakes, learn the basic visual characteristics of the label and bottle.

2. Evaluate the price factor in different outlets: a good product will not be cheap.

3. Oils do not have pronounced, beautifully smelling aromas. Often they are almost odorless or have a faintly recognizable aroma, but it does not resemble a synthetic product.

4. The species is homogeneous, without sediment and stratification, does not change its density with temperature jumps.

5. Carefully read the spectrum of action of oils. Universal actions are suitable for all prevention, and narrow focus - when solving a specific problem.

Types and effects of oils that can be found in London.

1. Strengthening effect.

  • Burdock oil. The plant is considered a weed, but very useful. It has a positive effect on the follicles, makes hair thicker, accelerates its growth, improves blood flow to the root system, fights dandruff. It is applied for a couple of hours, it is difficult to wash out.
  • Indian gooseberry oil. Rich in mineral composition and vitamins. Excellent product for thin, split and weakened hair. Normalizes the fat activity of the pores, does not allow the initial gray hair to appear. Expensive, but effective composition.

2. For dry hair.

  • Flax seed oil. The rich composition works well on completely or partially dry hair, strands affected by coloring and Curling. Easy application, deep nutrition, restoring Shine on the surface of the hair. It is spent little by little, has an expiration date.
  • Jojoba oil. It shows moisturizing, softening, protective properties. Prevents the effects of solar activity, neutralizes damage to strands.
  • Coconut product. Great for light hair. Supports the hair during a period of intense heat, enclosing each hair in its shell. Relieves itching and eliminates dry skin, reduces the degree of hair loss, gives them a radiant state.

3. For oily hair.

  • Macadamia oil. An important product that can well nourish, moisturize and restore the correct characteristics of the hair. Eliminates split ends.
  • Almond. With it, it is good to massage the head, causing blood flow to the follicles. Reduces sebum, saturates the hair with essential vitamins, improves the quality of hair, making them well-groomed.
  • Grape seed oil. Rich in organic acids, the composition allows hair to grow faster, works with the roots, removes the effects of thermal damage to the rods and ends. Easily absorbed and washed off after soaking.

You can also list other phytoproducts: wheat germ oil, gluing the ends of the hair, mustard and castor oil, which affect growth, argan, olive oil for deep recovery, etc.. These compounds will not harm, they are used without prescription.

Hair, like a magic veil for the head, is a subject for long discussions and numerous reflections. Install the site in bookmarks, so as not to miss new material.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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