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Photo evening hairstyles

Festive, evening, solemn events in our lives are forced to dress in a special way, make-up and hairstyles. Hair extensions from the shoulder blades to the waist allow the hairdresser-stylist to show remarkable imagination. Offered hairstyles in which only slightly visible hand specialist, as well as those that are ranked among the highest hairdressing.

Gorgeous woman.

Luxurious hair uashophair

Even by themselves, properly styled hair looks stunning. Such splendor immediately asks for the cover of advertising fashion-edition.


Luxurious Bride uashophair

Carefully combed hair, fastened with a hairpin under the back of the head, complemented by wavy strands in the free ends. Together with make-up in natural colors it is possible to create an image of the lovely bride. If you wear a necklace around your neck, and on the head – a similar jewel in the form of a tiara, the image is quite suitable for a noble rout.

Film star.

Luxurious Movie Club uashophair

Create an image of the actress, representing on the screen a rich heiress, easily with the help of straight bangs, released on the sides of straight strands and lush hairstyles, decorative decorated with hairpins with flowers. Makeup is plentiful: brightly painted eyes with long eyelashes and dark shadows compete with a clear contour of the lips with a pearlescent sheen.

Romance in different forms.

Romance in different forms uashophair

Volume braid with large weave beautifully decorate the contour of the head.

Luxurious Horizontal weaving uashophair

A small horizontal weave will distinguish you among friends, presenting a sentimental and dreamy lady.

Gentle hairstyle uashophair

Do you prefer to do your own hair, excluding hairdressing intervention? Colored strands look good along the entire length, if you carefully fix the back of the hair from the forehead area.

Flowers in her hair uashophair

The prototype of the forest nymph will be useful if you are invited to become a bridesmaid. Adding to the Hoop of small garden flowers will bring a charming touch.

Wavy braid uashophair

Wavy waterfall of hair flowing over the shoulders, back – it's hard work and universal admiration.

Creativity of youth.

Strands in hair uashophair Colored strands in hair uashophair

Youth parties are a special way of spending leisure time. The party often appear with unusual hairstyles, clothing, which is accepted in certain subcultures.

Hairstyles "on a fast hand».

Wavy curls uashophair

If you like the state of light disheveled, this option is useful. The individual strands wavy frame the contour of the face, Recalling the action of the playful breeze that lightly played with my hair. The principal amount of the curls gathered into a lush composition.

Hairstyle with rose uashophair Boucle hairstyle uashophair

If you want to avoid a lush hairstyle with loose curls, we offer limited roses of hair or a small boucle.

The skill of the specialist.

Curls braids spikelets and snake uashophair

Once in the hands of a real artist of female beauty, you get an impressive hairstyle after a few hours of waiting.

The photo shows 2 variations: symmetrical "spikelets" and braid-snake, curly located on the head.

Hairstyle with weaving lozenge uashophair

Perfection hair better to contemplate on the mannequin. Two braids, fastened on the back of the head, form a braided rhombus, in the middle of which are placed straight strands. Create a dare not every hairdresser, stylist, but if there is a real professional, the client will receive a lot of nice compliments.

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