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Photo power of hair

Healthy hair allows you to fully experiment with the creation of hairstyles. Those who have everything in order, beautiful hair and well-groomed, the tips are flogged weakly, and the density of strands pleases, it is necessary to maintain a good condition of the hair. Nutrition plays a priority role in this.

What we eat?

To hair had sufficient support, they need to regularly receive 4 vitamins (A,B,C,E) and 11C trace elements. The main number of components comes from a balanced meal. Those who want to actively lose weight and those who do not pay attention to the quality of the dishes, we recommend to reconsider their views on nutrition. Otherwise, in addition to the condition of the hair, the appearance of the skin will quickly deteriorate.

The daily requirement for vitamins and essential trace elements is as follows:

  • vitamin C – daily requirement 70-90 mg (men need more. than women);
  • vitamin B1− 30 mg, B12 – 2.4 mg, B3 – 13 mg;
  • vitamin A – 0.25 mg;
  • vitamin D – 10 mg;
  • Zn – 10 mg;
  • Fe – 15 mg;
  • Cu – 0.9 mg;
  • Se – 55 mg.

If they are not received in sufficient quantity, the hair begins to thin, split, break, lose its natural color, fall out.

Proper nutrition includes an abundance of fish products, herbs, legumes, vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, dairy products. Special effect of food additives on the quality of hair was not noticed, so we will not recommend them. Additional help will be vitamin complexes containing concentrated doses of the necessary substances.


"Podranki" of hair using conditioners and masks. They help open up the pores to make a moisturizing and nourishing components, to facilitate the brushing, to perform a therapeutic effect (for masks of a certain type). There are also serums, sprays, conditioners, which are applied without flushing, carrying out the introduction of useful components and protection of curls.

There are professional and medical kits. The first type is designed taking into account the healthy condition of the hair, which must be simply maintained. The second type is used to eliminate existing problems in order to restore the desired characteristics of the hair. If there is any problem with the hair or scalp, it is first necessary to eliminate it, and then use energizing agents.

Problems with loss, pigmentation, excessive fat or dryness will help to find a trichologist. After receiving the results of the blood test, ultrasound and hormonal diagnostics, trichoscopy, the overall picture of the hair condition.

Errors that negatively affect the beauty of the hair.

1. Balms, oils, masks are not applied to the roots to leave the pores of the scalp open. There are special tools for use on full-length strands, however, notifies the customers placed on the label.

2. In spring and autumn there is increased hair loss. This is a natural renewal of the plant cover of the head, which quickly passes in a few weeks. No need to worry too much and RUB in the roots of strengthening agents.

3. Oil and conditioner designed to moisturize the hair, do not use for the scalp. Selected special trichological products, which includes hyaluronic acid.

4. Widely advertised keratin lamination of hair creates only a temporary effect of silicone sealing of scales. After a couple of months, the strands returns to their natural state, as the silicone is gradually washed out of the curls.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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