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Photo The root volume to be

Consider two modern technologies that allow you to add volume to the root zone of hair growth.


It is proposed to perform the lifting of the zone near the roots of the hair, doing there Perm environmentally safe composition. The remaining hair is left without changes. Do not use additional funds, which wind strands. The result is a hair that has a beautiful view, and the hair looks naturally lush in a loose form or created a hairstyle in places adjacent to the head.

Features of Fleece volume.

  • Strands are not chemically modified.
  • In any weather, including rain and wind, wearing hats, swimming, hair retains the acquired condition for 45-60 days.
  • Applied styling lasts longer. Or you can do without it at all, content with voluminous hairstyles.
  • On the hair there are no bends, fractures, burnt areas.
  • The eco-medium used regulates the fat content of the roots, as a result of which the head should be washed less frequently without losing the freshness of the strands.

Fleecing is harmless, the procedure can be repeated any number of times. Suitable for hair of any thickness and color, including gray, colored, transforming rebellious strands into obedient.

A specialist may refuse to perform Flipping if the hair is too dry, strongly broken and split, discolored or colored more than half. You cannot order after the recent Fleecing of operations, methods of hormones and antibiotics.

Boost Up.

In this method, it is proposed to perform a corrugation on the areas of the beginning of hair growth. In this case, a remedy based on cysteamine is used, which has a twisting effect for 3-6 months. As the strands grow back, the "waves" pass into the side zone, and the top of the head acquires a natural appearance. If your hair is completely straight, you can see the difference between them and straightened slightly ripple.

  • Those who do not fit this condition, offer a rapid modification, consisting of a repeated procedure, in which the less wavy grown parts will remain.
  • It is also possible to form the volume without leveling areas "with waves" and re-formation in the right place.
  • With anti-corrugation, when you want to see again completely straight hair along the entire length, the hair gets a portion of the chemical straightener, which can significantly worsen the quality of the hairstyle.

In the process, the wizard uses pins to wind strands. The tool is applied to 1/3 hours, then abundantly washed with water and apply the hair fixer. Laying is done with a Hairdryer or alternative brushing. Ripple slightly straightened, but the splendor remains.

Ladies in London for a long time tried these methods, and prefer the more gentle Flimingo.

The differences between the methods.

1. Boost Up is done in 2 times longer, than Fleecing and on value of he would cost more expensive.

2. When you Boost Up required pins and binder result.

3. The result of Flushing is shorter.

4. In part Boost Up cysteamine with aromatic scent. Fleecing is made on a completely natural basis.

5. At both technologies on the washed hair in the beginning do a fleece, then put a working solution.

6. Test result checking is better to do Flaningan, as its action is terminated early.

With these and other methods for the conversion of hair appearance, you will be able to see on the website uashophair.com. Visit often to select treatments in a hairdressing salon to learn the subtleties of the technology of the process, possible side effects and the permissibility of the use of the service (what can prevent not every hairdresser).

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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