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Photo Why hair doesn't have to be cut

Regular visits to the salon are necessary for those who make extensions, hair adjustments, gradually "aligns" a bad haircut, likes to appear regularly in a new look. We consider it our duty to explain why the hair is not necessarily cut every month: imposed myths destroy right now.

Make money on the credulity.

Hairdressers, focused on their income more than on the need to meet with clients, get the opportunity to earn extra money. For trimming bangs in London salons take 150-200 UAH., and if the hairdresser works at home, then this money in full comes directly to his wallet.

Frequent trips to the hairdresser can be explained by elementary ignorance of the structure of hair and quite significantly affect the monthly expenses of visitors.

1. In modern life it is necessary to have a short hairstyle – so less hassle.

Hair gets fat from the roots, so the length of the hairstyle does not matter. With a short haircut, you will spend less money on hair care. Hair drying is faster, and the styling is more long lasting, because these hairstyles often require the pomp. If we consider such a female extreme as "hedgehog", then cut your hair in a similar way are solved by units of millions.

2. You can make any hair thicker. The main thing is to get a haircut more often.

If such a statement has worked for someone in life, it is not an axiom for everyone. Perhaps people have become better to eat, moved to a more environmentally friendly area, changed jobs, learned to be less nervous. Density can be achieved with the right selection of haircuts. Choose a cascade, quads.

3. Split ends-the result of a rare visit to the hairdresser.

A strange statement with no logical explanation. The cross-section of the ends occurs as a result of frequent use of thermal tools, regular staining, chemical permanent. Yes, such ends need to be cut. Someone can do it every 2 months, and another is enough to visit the master every six months.

4. Bangs will make the younger.

There are only 2 reasons why your forehead is covered with wrinkles. The first is a respectable age (from 70 and older), when the "reset of years" is possible only after plastic surgery or cosmetology course with actively working Botox.

The second reason, which is more suitable for women of "Balzac age" - you are a little podzapustili, which means that there are wrinkles not only on the forehead, but also around the eyes, nasolabial folds. And bangs will not solve the problem as a whole. We will have to master the methods of massage rejuvenation of the face and neck.

Bangs will help to correct the appearance if you have a large forehead or there is a pronounced skin defect located in the forehead (a large birthmark, burn marks, injuries).

5. If you often cut weak hair, over time they will fall out less.

Another misconception. Hair weakness may be related to genetic heredity, transferred diseases, wrong care. Negative impact can multiple experimenting with hairstyle for a short period of time, working in difficult conditions (at high temperatures, contaminated air, increased radioactivity, etc.).

Wanting to get the right knowledge about hair, hair care, hairstyles, trending trends in hairdressing, check in bookmarks and do not forget to visit the site uashophair.com.

Request call back Write us your phone number, we will call you back and advise you.
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